[NetBehaviour] 2 pieces - youme herenow - and Weak Art (description/manifesto)

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Apr 7 08:32:47 CEST 2021

youme herenow

https://youtu.be/-z4ADyjz3vs video

the bluelight is me herenow
in the video it swoops and curves severely
nothing's happening but the movements of satellites
look, i'm as still as possible and i'm
caught in the grid of local and distant fluctuations
look at me i'm flying and i'm not
saving energy that's me
i'm so tired of everyone dying, my life is weeping
the world falls from me like clothing or a shroud
a missed phonecall is an announcement enunciation
an unanswered call is a faltering in darkness
disappearance from email facebook instagram
they were never there i look around
in the forest of absence and so
my image shudders lost in the greatness of things
it swerves from one side to another in search
in search in search of in search always searching
left and right above and below beneath every world
i am above the sky i am above that
living through constant loss names places people
more people other people my arms can't reach them
my eyes can't see them i can't hear them touch them
i swerve for them towards them swerve from them
i am the swerve and the alpha and omega
i am motionless and i swerve motionless
caught up in the maelstrom of illness and death
i swerve for them i make testimony i am testament
i swerve i don't swerve i swerve i don't swerve
i swerve


Weak Art, a description

https://youtu.be/I6qONEKZafo video 

Frame analysis of froth modalities.

For a moment or two, let's consider weak art weak art. Weak Art. 
By this I mean the art that are almost receives upon viewing or 
listening or even thinking about. It's all right that is always 
at the edge of disappearing. It can also be our that is already 
disappeared. It's hard which retains only a ghost of itself a 
somatic ghost. It's something anyone might notice but that you're 
only if just for a moment bringing attention to. It says if it 
were out of the corner of the eye or something that it just 
occurred to you but in fact you'd been thinking about for a long 
long time. It almost as they are in almost isn't there. The only 
protection that has is towards a kind of philosophical anecdote. 
If even that. The only pre-tension it has is towards a kind of 
philosophical anecdote if even that. It doesn't seem to go 
anywhere but it also positive that there is nowhere to go. But it 
also posits that there's nowhere to go. You might think of it 
almost as a kind of daily life underpinned I buy a philosophy 
that likewise is something of daily life but weekly so. But 
weakly so. So it's almost there. We cards can be constructed. We 
weak art can be constructed almost by the smallest gesture 
possible or the Turning of ahead or playing a few notes on the 
musical instrument. Or is the churning of a space head. Or is it 
turning of a head we're playing a few notes on a musical 
instrument. It's like this text which is so fragile it falls 
apart with the slightest error that needs correcting. It says if 
life itself is always based on I'm a new shy of Corrections. On a 
m i n u t a i of Corrections. I'm a new shy of Corrections 
minutiae when do shy. You might get the idea or the direction 
that this is going when you think of ideas or directions and then 
stop thinking of them. They're so weak! They're almost not there! 
The body itself is a form of weak art. A form of weak art. You 
see where this is going or where it's been. I'm not sure I do but 
you might get the idea if you just glanced out the window if 
you're near a window not to see what's there which is kind of 
seeing what's there just sort of seeing what's there. Or maybe 
not or maybe there's no window or maybe it's night or maybe you 
don't really care and when you don't really care that's weak art. 
I think we cars is a way to develop a sense of listening and in 
North that's based on the reception. What's out there? What might 
be out there?. And an art that's based on reception instead of 
exemplification I'm giving forth. And giving forth something the 
might have no relevance to the world at all. It's like an 
extended Haiku without the form or a way of watching the 
landscape go by when you're walking slowly down a path by the 
river by the trees by the mountains by the roads by the cities by 
the Museum's by the galleries by the libraries by the people buy 
the books by the trains by the planes by the factor trees by the 
Hammers by the curves by the Beds By The Bodies by the Faces by 
the Smile by the next the n e c k s by The Arms by the legs by 
the breasts by the holes by the smiles 5/8 years pause the sense 
by the scents by the mouth by the hands which are writing by the 
hands which are arriving by the hands which are writhing as we go 
on and on by the visible and invisible quasi everything and 
nothing by the protons and neutrons by the gluons in Higgs buy 
everything and everywhere and all things unconsidered. Or Nothing 
at All. Or by the other holes we're by the underarms or by the 
groin or by the cracks or by the toe cracks or by the hose or by 
the fingers in the elbows or by the knees and belly buttons or by 
the umbilical cords or by the music chords or by the musicals or 
by the musical's you remember when you were on Broadway. Or when 
you were listening on Broadway. Or when you are walking down 
Broadway on the way downtown. Going over to the river and looking 
down the river and looking up the river and thinking should I 
take a ferry. Then where should you take the ferry that you might 
think to yourself where would you want the ferry to go and you 
would want the ferry to go nowhere and be nowhere and be nothing 
and you are walking on the water and you are walking on the sky 
and you are upside down the sky with your hands into water and 
you are upside down in the water with your feet in the sky and 
you are walking that way and you come to an island and you go 
past the island and you keep on going. You keep on going past the 
island and you're somewhere and you wonder how can I Breathe 
Here. How can I breathe here and why can't I Breathe Here. How 
can I breathe here. And how can I breathe here. And I can breathe 
here I can breathe anywhere you think to yourself and that is 
weak art that is weak space art that is weak art and you get a 
ride and you know what you're saying might be right or might mean 
something to someone who might be listening someone from your 
past perhaps who's no longer with us. Someone from your past 
who's no longer with us but might be somewhere else and might be 
with us still. Or might be a memory or something like a memory 
and that is weak space art. That is weak art. And you keep on 
going or you might keep on going and that might be something tool 
t o o o. That might be something too.


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