[NetBehaviour] Woven Qin

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Apr 10 01:21:52 CEST 2021

Woven Qin


My qin has a problem on the fourth highest string which is that
there is a ringing sound coming from it and I think I know now
that the ringing sound is from a very slight band in the string
about 2-3 cm from where it attaches to the lower bridge . I've
worked to try to get this straightened out but I will live with
it because it is too difficult and the tension is too delicate
to do anything but live with it . in the mean time I'm having
constant difficulties trying to find the proper positions of my
fingers on the strings . 7 strings and any number of positions
which I get it to some extent by the dots that represent the
harmonics . but on the other hand was happening is that I'm
forgetting the in between positions and the relative positioning
of each string in relationship to the others particularly at the
lower end of things. I've been working and working on this and
wondering if something is going in my mind yet again so that the
positioning isn't becoming tacit knowledge but instead is
something I have to constantly calculate and re calculate. you
have no idea how depressing this can be . it means I can't play
naturally my hands dancing on the strings but have to think have
to think every so often and slow up and rework the positioning
of my hands to be correct . sometimes I'll draw it a complete
blank period . sometimes I'll draw a complete blank . I don't
know what that means when that happens but I think it's
connected with covid with the epidemic. In any case here is some
music that I think turned out alright. I've placed the qin on
some softe cloth in order to somewhat subdue the upper harmonics
where the problem is lying with the fourth string or the third
depending on which end you're counting from. Thank you and have
a listen, this has been a struggle.


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