[NetBehaviour] The Year of Covid-19, Death and Collages.

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I love this one Marc, and have really enjoyed following the progress of this series online. 

The post you wrote makes so much sense to me, all of that about your mental state dictating that you get away from screens at this time and make things with your hands. I’ve been learning so very much these last 12 months about how to think with my hands, and the ways and perhaps reasons why I didn’t allow myself to do that before. I see some value in the art world’s sudden recognition of the importance of digital art work (both culturally and, more problematically, financially) but I find myself unable to get into the right  frame of mind to be actively involved, despite having made digital work for the previous decade plus. Instead, I am one of those (also many!) of us who are realising that the primacy of ’thinking’ and intellect is a myth and that the fingers and senses have their own powerful ways to discover, to innovate, and to know.

Thanks for sharing this and for your words!



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> The Year of Covid-19, Death and Collages.
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> Since the Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve reconnected to my art-making side again. Like many people who have experienced the death of their loved ones and gone through lockdown, things in life feel very different than before the pandemic. This post aims to declare and share a small part of my life that academia and everyday work-life cannot typically compensate for. It’s about my renewed passion for making art and my own life.
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