[NetBehaviour] Notes for Class

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Apr 14 04:16:11 CEST 2021

Notes for Class

https://youtu.be/_O1S1z41ib8 Video

I presented in Andrew Klobucar's class at NJIT and used the
occasion to go through my work in relation to motion capture
and electronic writing. And I found something called
blankspace.mp4 which I didn't remember and has its date of
origin erased. Below is a description of my presentation as
well as a URL for the current YouTube site. The presentation
didn't include this piece, however, which makes it (the
piece) peripheral to the presentation but central here. So
goes the semantic strings of confused articulation. (And
again thank you Andrew for the opportunity.)

Electronic writing etc. for me -

1. related to the body and mind, always an organism is present
    even if in the background. - always thinking of choreography
    choreography shuttles between radical experimentation with
    mocap and body imitations. images of wounded avatars
    (woundatars), sexual avatars, hysterias, fauna and flora ...

1a. All achieved through hacks of various sorts: rewriting
equations (transforming the interior of the machinery),
remapping the body (transforming the assignment of nodes on
the body), other modifications (magnets interfering with
signals and so forth)

2. involves hacking or extending applications / software /
    hardware into glitch realms - mistakes, extensions,
    remappings, etc.

2a. applications layering and interferences: what signals pass

3. uses a lot of "at hand" software - voice to text, text to
    voice, alpha layer removal, bots within radegast, etc.

4. exploratory exploratory - always exploring, bodies
    merging with text, image; laser and other mappings
    distorted by subject movement and overloaded scans,

5. uses - new ways of envisioning bodies and technologies,
    forms of resistance, poesis, etc. -

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