[NetBehaviour] Change Alley - Hungarian minor mode

Simon Mclennan mclennanfilm at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 23:39:14 CEST 2021

Performing my songs solo rather than with the trio… some drum sequencing overlaid


This song penned a few years ago called CHANGE ALLEY (original may be heard on band camp https://solidbirdsflying.bandcamp.com/album/pictures-of-soldiers )

for those who might care this song was conceived using the Hungarian mode… and the triads thus derived

the note B is referred throughout 

which note is the second degree using A as the root

creating the tension and mood of the song

The lyrics refer to Change Alley behind the bank of England… arguably where it all started

and organ grinders plied their trade later on

The single performance was cut in length - the middle section is always improvised - I never plan it - but attempt to

go where it takes me


Night turns into the day 
It's an epic feeling 
All the newcomers 
All the old men 
And the young men that sit 
In their traders' red braces 
Mr big shot in the 21st Century 
Is not a schizo 
With one proviso 
Two houses in the sun 
Twenty pints of cider 
The particle beam 
That would have satisfied all newcomers 
And all the old men 

Creature comfort - seldom satisfied 
(Creature comfort) 
Contraband - elephant ivory 
Silver service - crime of passion 
(Crime of passion) 
Hereditary - mended shoes in the factory 
Horror film 

Organ grinder and the young men 
That sit in their traders' braces 
Take a walk down Change Alley

Thank you,

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