[NetBehaviour] Emotions, or Normal Life

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Apr 17 03:11:29 CEST 2021

Emotions, or Normal Life


My MOO emotions from Kyoto MOO, created by Kayo Matsushita and
myself around 1996-1997:

    emotions: {{"agree", "Happily %n agrees agreeably with
everyone in the vicinity!", "%n agrees with %d because the sky
is blue and the truth will out!", "%n agrees with you of course,
and this is so mysterious!"}, {"applaud", "%n applauds.", "%n
applauds %d.", "%n applauds you."}, {"awk", "%n will be away
from %p keyboard.", "%n tells %d %s will be away from %p
keyboard.", "%n tells you %s will be away from %p keyboard."},
{"bbl", "%n will be back later.", "%n tells %d %s will be back
later.", "%n tells youMore 143_01:11_________ %s will be back
later."}, {"bow", "%n bows to everyone but feels just the same
their equal, and flowery!", "%n bows to %d, because %n isn't
afraid to show emotions in public!", "%n bows to you privately,
so secretly, the tiniest little bow, but beautiful!"}, {"brb",
"%n will be right back.", "%n tells %d %s will be right back.",
"%n tells you %s will be right back."}, {"brow", "%n raises an
eyebrow.", "%n raises an eyebrow at %d.", "%n raises an eyebrow
at you."}, {"chuckle", "%n chuckles.", "%n chuckles at %d.", "%n
chuckles at you under %p breath."}, {"cry", "%n cries, half in
sadness and mourning, half in pure exhaustion.", "%n cries to %d
that %n needs comfort and consolation.", "%n cries to %d that %n
needs quiet and private consolation."}, {"dance", "%n is dancing
around joyfully!", "%n is dancing with %d with utter rapture on
%p face!", "%n is dancing with you with utter rapture on %p
face!"}, {"die", "%n has a horrifying premonition about the
death of everyone.", "%n wonder if %d will die, and whether it
will concern %d.", "%n dies for you, and is silent on the
morrow..."}, {"disagree", "%n disagrees with everyone, partly
mood, partly careful thought.", "%n disagrees with %d, but
respects %d more than %n can tell...", "%n disagrees with
everyone else, but agrees with you!"}, {"dream", "%n dreams
darkly through the night, visions of great intensity.", "%n
dreams of %d nightly, even during the day %d is present...", "I
dream of you, you are with meMore 123__________ with my waking,
sleeping thoughts..."}, {"eye", "%n eyes %r warily.", "%n eyes
%d warily.", "%n eyes you warily."}, {"fear", "Suddenly, a cold
wind... %n is afraid of everyone in %l, perhaps for no
reason...", "Should I be afraid of you, dear %d, who has meant
everything to me?", "Ah, dearest %d, I am afraid here, my eyes
are dry and wary..."}, {"fly", "Flap flap flap flap flap flap!
while %n flies!", "%n flies flap flap flap flap flap! to %d,
right up to %d!", "%n flies to you, dearest %d, full of charm
and energy!"}, {"forget", "%n forgets %s's in %l but guess what,
%s just read this line!", "%n forgets %s's talking to %d but
just read %d's name here!", "Aw, I'll never forget you, just my
own name and everyone else's!"}, {"gasp", "%n gasps!", "%n gasps
at %d!", "%n gasps at you!"}, {"giggle", "%n engages in murky
but uproarious giggling, embarrassing everyone!", "%d sends %n
into fits of uproarious giggling!", "%n giggles in collusion
with %d!"}, {"greet", "%n greets everyone in %l while %s tries
to figure out what to say next!", "%n greets %d with great
merriment and deep dark compassion!", "Here in %l, everyone
knows your name, but I greet you privately, %d!"}, {"grin", "%n
grins like a foolish sheep to every parchment in the room!", "%n
grins to %d just about, oh %n doesn't know, maybe about the
weather!!!", "%n grins to you so quietly, privately, secretly,
and no one else will know!"}, {"hug", "%n moves quietly
aroundMore 103__________ the room, hugging everyone fondly.",
"%n hugs %d with a warmth rarely felt in cyberspace, with true
emotion.", "%n hugs you with a true sweetness, making you feel
wonderful."}, {"hum", "%n hums hmmmm ahmmmmm hmhmmmmrmmmmmm
rohummmmmmm rmmmmhimmruhummmmmm mmmmrrr", "%n hums hmmm to %d
ahmmmm to %d hmhmmmmmrhmmmm to %d hum hum hum!", "%n hums hmmmms
and ahmmmms and rohummmms of beauty rmmmmhimmruhummm to %d!"},
{"is", "%n is, isn't %n, %n wonders if there's more than %n
anywhere, anytime?", "%n is %d, which indicates some sort of
psychosis on %n's part, %d thinks!", "%n is you, isn't %n? Wait
a minute, %d, what am I saying? Who's saying it?"}, {"jump", "%n
heartily moves upward and downward on the same spot and fast!",
"%n makes %d very nervous!", "%n makes %d very very nervous!"},
{"kick", "%n kick higher into the air than safety would allow!",
"In his attempt to kick %d, %n falls head over heals in love!",
"%n kicks you? Hardly! But it's always in %p thoughts!"},
{"kiss", "%n kisses everyone, remembering safe sex, and the
kindness of strangers!", "%n kisses %d ever so sweetly, like the
Cedars of Lebanon if they could kiss!", "%n kisses you sweetly
but intensely, and the MOO holds its cyber-breath..."},
{"laugh", "%n laughs infectiously and everyone desires to join
in!", "No one can tell whether %n laughs with or at %d!", "%n
laughs with you!"}, {"like", "%n likes just about everyone here
in %l, wouldn't you know?!", "%n likes %d and isn'tMore
83__________ afraid to let everyone know about %p feelings!",
"%n likes you especially, even when we're not in %l!"}, {"live",
"%n lives! Clarion trumpets blare out the truth of a new day!",
"%n is happy that %d is still alive!", "I'm glad you and I are
together in this wonderful time..."}, {"love", "%n loves
everyone with a transcendence found in mountains and valleys.",
"%n loves %d, and it is highschool and our eyes and smiles fill
the sky.", "I love you, and we need more than packaging to talk
of this, and soon."}, {"moan", "%n goes oh ohhhh ohhhhhh moaning
and groaning and rolling in %l!", "Oh %d I moan for you and with
you, all this moaning and groaning and rolling!", "In %l I moan
for you, dear %d!"}, {"nod", "%n nods amusingly perhaps agreeing
with the company more than the concept", "%n nods to %d
recognizing %d's astute analysis in this matter", "hey %d I'm
nodding to you!"}, {"plant", "%n plants a wonderful forest of
bamboo everywhere in %l!", "%n plants a lovely bamboo thicket
with lotus as well around %d!", "I'll plant a lovely rose for
you, dear %d!"}, {"run", "%n runs aimlessly around the MOO,
Coyote on the loose!", "%n runs to %d full of wishful desire,
Coyote on the loose again!", "Ah %n, I run to you full of
happiness and glee!"}, {"scream", "%n yells OH OH OH OH
ArghhH!", "%n yells to %d GRAAAAHR ROOOORRRR!!!", "%n murmurs
GRAAAAH ROOOOORRRRR under %n's breath!"}, {"shake", "%n shakes
uncontrollably, tearful with gladMore 63__________ emotions.",
"%n shakes %d, begging %d to pull out of %p mood, oh please!",
"%n shakes you, hoping to awaken you to %n's presence, full of
import here."}, {"shrug", "%n shrugs.", "%n shrugs to %d.", "%n
shrugs to you."}, {"sigh", "%n sighs so unbelievably sadly it
sounds like it will go on forever!", "%n sighs so that %d will
hear and respond with warm and embracing sympathy.", "I sign for
you and everything in the world that is against us!"}, {"sing",
"%n sings charmingly about life beneath the ceramic tiles of the
old country", "%n sings to %d beautiful stories about life
beneath the kitchen hearth", "%n sings la la la la loo to %d
with tears in %p eyes"}, {"slap", "%n is passive, aggressive,
thinking of slapping everyone but not, ah...", "%n might slap %d
but thinks better of it, I'm sorry, %d!", "%n tends to slap you
in private, but oh my, tickles you instead!"}, {"sleep", "%n
sleeps through a few ticks of the clock, wake %o soon!", "%n
puts %d to sleep by repetitive, inconsequential, smalltalk!",
"%n watches you sleeping, delightedly..."}, {"smile", "%n smiles
broadly with a twinkle in %p eye!", "%n smiles at %d with a
beautiful twinkle in %p eye!", "%n smiles at you with a
beautiful emotional response!"}, {"stretch", "%n stretches and
yawns.", "%n stretches and yawns, then smiles at %d.", "%n
stretches and yawns, then smiles at you."}, {"touch", "%n
touches everyone in sight, reminding %n that %n exists.", "%n
touches %dMore 43__________ and thinks, wow! You're really
there!", "%n touches %d tenderly, hoping the two of them
continue to exist."}, {"wake", "Wow! %n wakes up in front of
everyone in %l!", "%n wakes %d %s thinks or maybe %s should just
let %d sleep, hmmmm....", "Wake up, wake up! People might be
looking, shhhh!"}, {"walk", "%n walks around %l looking at
everyone through %p eyes.", "%n walks up to %d in %l happy with
%p ability to place legs in order!", "%n wants to place your
legs in order, here in lovely %l!"}, {"wave", "Ah, %n waves to
everyone in the room, which must mean something somewhere!", "%n
waves to %d so happily and sadly at the same time, what must
this mean?", "%n waves secretly to you, how could this be behind
%n's back?"}, {"weep", "%n weeps openly in front of everyone in
%l without giving it a second thought.", "%n wipes %p eyes in %l
right before %d who understands better than anyone!", "Ah, I am
weeping before you, my love, in this difficult times..."},
{"welcome", "%n welcomes everyone.", "%n welcomes %d with a big
smile.", "%n welcomes you with a big smile."}, {"wink", "%n
winks.", "%n winks at %d.", "%n winks at you."}, {"wonder", "%n
wonders about the beautiful forms of human beings", "%n wonders
what %d could mean by such pleasurable words!", "%n wonders why
you are saying these things?"}, {"yawn", "%n yawns in belated
tiredness exhausting %r so quietly forsooth you etc.", "%n yawns
to %d you know we are so listening boring you hearingMore
23__________ tiring here", "%n yawns to %d alone, they're so
boring and we're so smart!"}, {"yell", "%n yells for some reason
or other, as if people couldn't hear him otherwise!", "%n yells
at %d and immediately regrets it; %n is sorrowful.", "%n yells
at %d and is requested to keep %p voice down..."}}

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