[NetBehaviour] The Year of Covid-19, Death and Collages.

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Mon Apr 19 15:52:08 CEST 2021

Hi Edward,

Thanks for your insightful words. I think you have the measure of what's
happening in the work. I'm looking forward to seeing how they develop in
the near future.

There's something interesting about working on hands-on stuff after using
digital for a long time - there must be a term for it. Definitely not
post-internet because it's a different context and not necessarily art
market-related, at least does not have its spirit justified through that
narrow trajectory. Anyway, I'm in no rush to give it a label.

However, there is a kind of mental shift towards reclaiming time and space
at the same time as a material presence in respect of my relationship with
the work and its meaning.

Wishing you well.


On Sat, 17 Apr 2021 at 09:07, Edward Picot via NetBehaviour <
netbehaviour at lists.netbehaviour.org> wrote:

> Marc,
> I do like these. They remind me of all sorts of things - at times there's
> a Max Escher quality to the way they kind of tangle up the picture plane -
> zigzags of course, tickertape, buckled aluminium, pentagrams and stars of
> David... I think what you say about 'floating objects that struggle to
> break free' hints at part of what's going on in them: there's definitely a
> sense of struggle, frustration even. CV-16, the one with the blue lake in
> the middle and the strips suddenly not criss-crossing each other, seems to
> have a palpable feeling of calm and release to it, by contrast with the
> others - and the fringe-ends of the strips in this one are like fingers
> dipping into the water.
> I'm also very interested in what you have to say about your working method
> - A4 paper, biros, coloured pens, hands-on, combined with some open-source
> image processing via the Gimp - and you make a link from this to punk. I
> can really relate to that. I think for quite a lot of us new media art in
> its all-digital form, once everybody moved off computers and laptops onto
> mobile phones, has become increasingly technical and sophisticated and
> removed from the DIY bodge-it-together-and-see-what-happens ethos it
> started with. The mixture of hands-on and digital you describe - for me, at
> the moment, it's charcoal drawings processed via Inkscape - is starting to
> feel like a distinct place of its own, one which retains at least some of
> the original earthy, amateurish, punkish experimentalism we had in the
> early days of the Web.
> Edward
> On 12/04/2021 22:08, marc garrett via NetBehaviour wrote:
> The Year of Covid-19, Death and Collages.
> [image: img00_103_web.jpg]
> Since the Covid-19 pandemic, I’ve reconnected to my art-making side again.
> Like many people who have experienced the death of their loved ones and
> gone through lockdown, things in life feel very different than before the
> pandemic. This post aims to declare and share a small part of my life that
> academia and everyday work-life cannot typically compensate for. It’s about
> my renewed passion for making art and my own life.
> https://marcgarrett.org/2021/04/12/the-year-of-covid-19-death-and-collages/
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Wishing you well



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