[NetBehaviour] Read & Repair - Sense-full Pedagogy feat. K MacBride and Yun Lee

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*Read & Repair - Sense-full Pedagogy feat. K MacBride and Yun Lee*

On Sunday 25th April we have a *READ* with K MacBride followed by a
*REPAIR* with Yun

The text selection and our reading choreography in April was made by artist
K MacBride.

K is an artist and editor. They work with performance, installation,
writing, video, and event making, with and without institutions. Much of
their practice focuses on relational entanglements, listening across and
being attentive to difference, and working creatively towards an ethics of
inseparability and interdependency. Collaboration and supportive practices
are important to them; some of these look like art, some don’t. During
times when they didn’t identify as an artist (and during times when they
did) they worked in the care industry. They are currently undertaking PhD
research, funded by the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council, at
University of the Arts London with a research project titled “Listening as
creative practice, listening and decolonial practices: plural methods,
plural experiences.”

We'll be listening together to a recording of xwélméxw artist, writer,
academic, and curator Dylan Robinson reading excerpts from his book "Hungry
Listening: Resonant Theory for Indigenous Sound Studies" (2020, University
of Minnesota Press) and from an essay in progress "Song Life." These
recordings were made for the "Unsettling Scores" series curated by Liquid
Architecture and are available here
https://disclaimer.org.au/contents/unsettling-scores/hungry-listening .
There is no prior reading needed before we come together to Read, we
experience the texts for the first time together.

*Date:* Sunday 25th April
*Time:* 11:00-13:00 CEST
*Location:* https://pad.vvvvvvaria.org/sense-full_pedagogy_song_life

The Repair session of this theme is hosted by artist Yun Lee.

Yun Lee is an artist, performer, and curator whose work mostly engages with
recording technology (the phonograph, score-making, the internet) to
navigate shifting definitions of what being human is. Other works turn to
acoustic phenomena to push the capacities of individual and collective
sensorial experience.

Recently they have been working on the “School of Camouflage”, a research
project looking at camouflage practices in visual, movement, and social
cultural contexts. These practices include passing, deception, misdirection
and masking.
In this workshop, participants will be exploring principles of camouflage
and deception, how they are effectively used in contexts including
information warfare, how we can sense them, and how we can repurpose them
in our own practices as artists/designers/technologists.

*Please drop us an email at **info at varia.zone* <info at varia.zone>
* if you would like to join.*
*Requirements:* Internet connection, webcam, Among Us. If you cannot
download the game for whatever reason, you can be one of the observers.
*Date:* Sunday 25th April
*Time:* 16:00-18:00 CEST
*Location:* https://bbb.constantvzw.org/b/cri-yp7-stj-8oc

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