[NetBehaviour] Beyond Reductivism: The Work of Alan Sondheim

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Apr 21 07:34:11 CEST 2021

Beyond Reductivism: The Work of Alan Sondheim

by Robert Horvitz, Artforum Magazine, December 1974, pages 34-35


I've known Robert Horvitz for many decades; this is an article
he wrote on my work early on. The photograph is an installation
view of my show at the Bykert Gallery in Manhattan. The pieces
are early examples of my interest in code and codework; the
shapes embody texts. I was interested in what I thought of as
'fundamental issues' even then, and the work, which included a
booklet at the time, reflects this.

I thank Robert greatly for the opportunity to post this, and
for his friendship. I also would like to suggest that you look
at Robert's work as well; you may find it at
https://horvitz.multiplace.org/drawing.html among other sites
online. I've always loved it, and published a selection in my
anthology Individuals: Post-Movement Art in America, Dutton,

Nothing seems dated to me, everything continues, and perhaps
with the verdict today, still slowly moving towards the better.

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