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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Apr 24 03:09:14 CEST 2021

Talking a Talk



... Insofar as action may be defined as action or verification
at a distance. In summation are accountancies of the world and
of ourselves and it is useless.

As a result of an Internet that is neither singular nor plural,
neither present or absent, neither coherent dispersed: I will
call internet what has corrupted the local tending towards
global autonomy. I'm not implying that internet in fact or
fiction signifies anything - that the name at the name _means_:
it may in fact or fiction be characterized in precisely by
insignifications, spews, objections, blurs, avatars, nothing at
all to the extent that anything is fundamental; it sweeps away
for example plots and allegories bureaucracies and governments,
minds and bodies.

Think of pre-internet novels - novels of postmodern or
modernism, constructed and conceptual weavings, of characters or
lack of them. And television, theater, cinema follow suit: one
is forced into farther time farther time to diegesis to an
unraveling that characterizes experimental film as well. Neither
film nor painting are linear but both participated in the
locking down of perspective no matter what openings contusions
are on the horizon. Internal memory storage data processing
Quantum and molecular Etc memory and community inhere. emanent
relationships of external organic or internal digital mine to
avatar stirrings which are intentional negations or
circumscription of an other consideration: semantic
consideration: semantics of avatar boundaries on a subtextual
level, semantics of organic boundaries on the Supra textual
level - the latter is Iconic the former indexical. Perhaps there
is no place for the symbolic in the midst of emanents and

smash review amidst for sloth intermingle interpenetrate [???]
within the true World, they are true world in [???], in a sense
mind only but only in the sense that steerage is already present
always presents from language through metabolic process through
retinal processing, immunological defense systems, heart beat,
hormonal, maintenance software updating end replacement,
membrane filtering, and so forth. This is not life for us but
inherited and inhearing organization in relation to reproduction
within the carrier range but it is a dream, our dream, our
present effication of the future interior. Image Of screen
complexity intertwined when it surfaces - the world is porous
and vulnerable itself susceptible to hacking and accessing
conceivable and inconceivable onslaughts. Just as a nervous
system is both digital and analog so is a perceptual
apparatus(by which I mean from sensor to and through the sense
in the parentheses); one can imagine a horizon of continuous
images, sleeps, dreams, stasis and eternal death. So let us
think of distinction itself as a stage or moment of time = the
other will become one and one will become the other and all or
none at all will bear Silent Witness to absence.

This Is from a text that I wrote I don't know when and I don't
know the title either, it's a text that deals I think with the
virtual virtual with emanents, with all sorts of things that
tend to expand in a very problematic way. So let us think of
talking through the text as a way of bringing it into the realm
of the imaginary from the imaginary. From the imaginary into a
realm of imminence of the immediacy of speaking to one and all.


Texting a Text

Buddha Negation
Heidegger Takes His Time
I am fifty-two; I can't even write the number properly in Arabic
If you are lying next to me in bed,
Nobody's Got it Figured Out Yet
On my Birth-Night
PING jefferson.village.virginia.edu: 56 data bytes
Performativity of Cyberspace Messages -
Some Dialog on the Way Towards Self-Hatred, Construct of an Ego
There fell a frost in the night of spring,
We all Wait for the Perfect Post

a all am an arabic are b bed birth buddha bytes c can carapace
casual christopher construct cyberspace d data death dialog e
edu ego even f fell fifty figured for frost g got h hatred
heidegger heine his hypertext i if in it j jefferson k l links
lovers lying m mankind me messages my n negation net next night
nobody num number o of on out p perfect performativity
philosophy ping post properly q r s scratch self some spring
surface t takes texts the there time to towards tsunami two txt
u village virginia wait way way way we when write yet you


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