[NetBehaviour] Somewhere Universe

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Apr 24 18:01:09 CEST 2021

Somewhere Universe

Somewhere I wrote - and I can't find it now - but I wrote this
very early on that when you take a digital image and you
stretch it stretch it and stretch it and stretch it eventually
it appears to be analog, although also the analog result
still remains within the digital. And this is something that
I've been thinking about on and off - about how there is an
uneasy interplay between abjection and articulation. The
stretch is always already within the digital, it remains bound
within it; on the other hand the image itself loses itself.
Nothing remains but dis-ease. Past the moment of uncomfortable
blurring, the machine appears; flesh subtends within the MRI.
Appearance is nothing and everything. Note that.

Do you understand this? We have no future. None of us do. We
are windowless monads, neutrino windows or frames or absent
altogether, (yes! that's it! absent!) unwriting, unwritten
froth. It appears to be analog, slotted. I place symbol here,
it's froth. (that's it! it needs shaking up! I _shook_ it!)


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