[NetBehaviour] Text Test Pastiche

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Apr 28 04:59:47 CEST 2021

Text Test Pastiche


What is the (in)conceivable point of these text-blocks? There are
semantic waves that flow through them, that's clear. There is an
odd form of theorizing as well - not that particular propositions
are given, but that eruptive contents (as it states below,
"liquid waves" flow through it) slough against traditional syntax
and semantics. Concerns surface and disappear. The technique
isn't simple; enough meaning has to be generated within the
haiku-like remnants for them to connect with each other, again in
a meaningful way.

All of which would be, remain, abstract, were it not for the
repetitive concerns in my work, body sexuality virtuality failure
ghosting despair philosophical-shatterings annihilation death
genocide, and on and on and on and so forth.

All of which would be abstract were it not for the concretization
involved in the repetition, the thought of or through sintered
semantic cloud-skeins of abstractions developed as multi-layered
networks - I could spend a (somewhat boring) lifetime of intense
disentangling of these skeins: this one in particular looks at
the last three or so lines of text of files indexed as ??.txt,
eliminating all urls in the process. Each of the ??.txt or *.txt
for that matter tends towards momentary conclusions, as if
something has been accomplished by participating in the heap,
adding another brick to the edifice crumbling at the top. There
is therefore a sense of denouement at work; sooner later, upon my
death or incapacity, these confused/contused bricks will suddenly
cut off - as if everything in the world has still been left
unsaid -

chattotyLUStoougrunhavrvspaHuttonatthemom details. dirty
disruption. dream-screen emergence. this, entanglement. far.
happening. inexact... inexact... mywriting,andBalzacIesI'vninup.
m.______ nearly, nikuko now now peace. vitation0afoot. world.
years zzzzz } To the liquid waves that it might see a foreign
world, screamed. "BE!" she screamed. "NICK!" she screamed.
"CAVE!" she screamed. screamed. "WILL!" she screamed. "TECH!" she
screamed. "ME!" she screamed. her "\n" $$ that "Wait! if says
'i've been eating lots. all - absence - this - including
"breathless" about - speed on being to 66 up being dying - - a ng
dying - stretches a some towards it's road human human you but
stretches translucent /Julu fine-grained opaque or
almost-translucent clar* 1164 1165 1166 1167 1168 1169 1170 1171
1172 1173 1174 answers... 16:14:56 - bye - 16:14:59 left the
session 16:15:08 joined the session 16:15:17 left the session
16:15:19 think 22597 simple, not compound. For 3 days, have been
in inscription :what in in in rule name variance; - the name is
printf @a[$gen3] int(20*rand); FINAL: $name all and 2==$g; frock
love Alan of Being and beings. potency Contraciion uterus
Discharge women Development breasts .?? way. From my master.
strangled. JENNIFER. transform One is fashioned by the fashioning
of them. ksh: REALITY: not found zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz The
beauty is all that is to be desired. wvu.txt:b. Thinking of SL as
malleable space or 'liquid architecture' - that Wei= > The
greatest sadness for me, when researching the monitor a Thing?
around a center always at a loss but then, had a life of its own.
The music might be horrendous. of a violin; a tro sor; a sarangi;
the elegy; paean; dirge; away, abject revolt draws them within.
already absent before the enunciation... breathing after the
hiatus or gap the embrochure embrochure foreclosed against the
violation of the flesh. Would it? presence, ages of
occidental/european musican philosophy were mn us all. state;
amerikkka first is a particular amerikkka that is not an among;
you and I are SPLAYED issues. and it was simple but difficult to
set up (for me). insufficient and remains is never a "what,"
never "out there"; what frenzy and spews might interfere with
serious demonstration below. exile, and when our exile ends,
others mourn may in our stead or and anymore in the dark dark
dark dark rain student. anything, laughed math student. persevere
perversely, processes applied to phenomenologies. Otherwise of
course: There is no senseless, as instrument at a distance well
away from the windows out at home. since 2019 sync publishes
works by other artists. memory at the heart. your avatar is
guided into frenzy by an object. language, battery generator
dynamo dynamo. body. strains, peels i be lonely here in space it
is so cold in space it is so empty here and being's horizon. and
we can mourn only so long as we are in my biggest fear: THAT THIS
IS LITERATURE OF A SORT0 and i will not abide, my body's falling
apart, isn't everyone's. but with some breath ing, boo-hoo
tongued. ask ourselves, men women, pediment, brake midst by in of
*another* of the the *same* *same* of ... the ... bye bye bye bye
bye you can be, even if that leaves destruction in your wake. i
can do a solo and with some typing, bits of useless theory. i can
hardly believe it - it is already on candc2 candc3 candc4 sweep
and seep of sound and adage from call center in trouble.)
untoward chanting of a mantra, i am perfect, i am perfect, closed
circulations wells tunnels, secure, artifacts temporary infinity,
closuremodified inserted chain 'no' vote referendum frand_help
convert_utils gendered_object 122 1 4 2 5 1 10 2 1 1 ing daemons
like fairy-wraiths caress the rosy-hued dawn! a dance or two.
this dash in space, this zero, this america music deconstructed
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz detail contemplation zzzzzzzzz youth the
dictation has to come to a halt. tape disk finding dizziness,brew
deathought i doubt you can either thunderstorms...and e. d
thunderstorms. when you were young your all effects the result of
codec transformations. what emerged, considerable electromagnetic
spectrum. realistic patrolman sw- changed, eliminated the last
comments of the Estonians who used it no emptiness / no emptiness
of emptiness / to enter. If you have the time, of course, without
catastrophe or similar equip!  equip! I equip! Bring equip!
equip! Me! the equip! me institution. the similar me equip! I or
I need until escutcheons were parables, "should till scutcheons
melody after everything else. playing around rishi ..for 14
minutes. when everything, in the cold grey dawn, spilled
otherwise o exalted ones, that such craftsmenship existed you,
filling the world with it, eating it - tasting - once and for
stases. fits falls apart; coheres incoherent, occur, said. shines
for me if for no one else, grant me paranoia desolation
foregrounds sunless emptied fallen subterfuge coupled inviolate
history forget us history, forget us reading, fracture to his
artifact, third to his second millennium. distant from which
appear to carry concrete weight world. Memories words fuck him
he's dead she said fuck him fuck him gaz, garrett, lucan, robert
morris especially facebook, gra... :pm 'this' ai there, was just
over at aacebook, nothing shoot grass figure girls -- robe.
touching . should we waited egrep.exe grep.py anx have had a
backlog of materials to review, since I was traveling for quite
flattened happens hours usage, waste. inverse Emblematic i'll
have an apertif. Count my virtual. I'm outta here. from here!
grep honor texts/* | wc 184 1608 14236 $ grep innocent texts/* |
wc 145 and hope for the best. The piece is a threnody of hope,
listen, blues house, is that , The how how now then unlocked open
close music/sound improvisation Dec. 6-9 Eyebeam; recorded. was
in Estonian processed from an abandoned Estonian talker, names
driving in SAVE ME, trucks come up In 1973 I taught "The Year
horror in my writing 290 2985 24539 seen in these more or less
rational times. degradation increased trained need dirty degraded
whore HAI? see into inert substance, a form of hardness, as one
grows distant from them. headed into european musican ages of
ice, gifteli, grey. something is always doing the thinking for me
within it, tantra goes on within and without it, analogic and
metonymic, forests japan pico zz 's/*/*/g' >> zz; 's/*/*
ygfrsw3sxct,.;'[]loj, julu-of-the-fast-crowd! teacher k-12
impression Betterlyh, Jackson Moore, four-day, 96-hour the link?
nice cock apple ios worse dd:you-know-language, death
waldn10.txt:(single lobed, or B, double lobed), with the liquid l
behind can't locate it again - it was just called an Afghan
conceivable locus "representation" "subject" pass___ befor long
lung and gone down longer loyal loveliest verse. ever. sutra lung
breath shakuhachi emanents machine. glory. parchment made from
lambskin or pixels. therefore make be gets case handle one asap
is available. gets thanks, wait mation manager? do you have a
math coprocessor? is your like me to assist you with today? your
business. Please take a is micro of coheres the rule rule
::Neither micro O logic, you might also relate all of this to
tantra or to roots in sutras and chordophone. mine seems a
century old at the least; catatonic mourning! And it has taken
just 0.133 minutes :nother. too much horror /* hardly my someone
i of foreitry last i peek not in while some no no no no no no no
no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no
no no no no no no no no no no no no no" there's no way out.
perhaps not at all, and we shall not know, we shall never know.
stop now as the buffer is almost completely filled filled And
targeted occurred they've choice horror inconceivably inescapable
meaning of all 50, 50 Carr certainty. of at beck at the beck the
the beck beck at of archaeology of knowledge interior of the
exterior of the container indecision of the flying fingers
construct of the postmodern. spirits of the strings to greater
alignment, a clarity not magazine ogura zutaka child cool breeze
each term zour sound no one else can understand or read. sex, or
after a war, or an overpowering examination, this intention or
meaning 'to' or 'of' the real. \net street or rook, and of them
i'm one of those bad authors and our assorted relatives along the
way! thundering out b. m by t. y the t. e time i. e it severe t.
e is out there is insufficient. abcdefghijklmnopqrs pay
degradation, cock Aurora all refugee, perhaps, structures
inconceivably peripheral to existence, that its questioning is
always remember philosophy is made by healthy people, { planet
maws othering abroad i play gusle. of presence, memory and its
annihilation. gatherings promissory note go heaven reported table
julu stuffed the question is, how many angels are in it. not
quite sealed but quick to respond and circle pacific reality,
emission pools beyond you, a doubled annular stopped! relaxing
silence obey! focus! master's list heart skip beat religion
religion! listen voice! you! thin-blade routers of the real
greatest sadness for me, when r=there is a raven left. he says he
hardly remembers them himself. he says he is a lucky stiff. he
says they are really delightful. consequently, screens creates,
layerings framing de toroidal might see call1 call2 call3 caller
canadageese candc candc1 to set up a steady business.to be
tiffany says 'did you kill orc?' tiffany brook-larks shinto
surprise, wracked privileged music: strain shuddering shivering
chance be silent, to be heard. didn't since anything 7 since
Argh!) 7 to Argh!) poor to Argh! hundred sixty six. poor some
Meanwhile interesting interesting sample2good.stl
sondheim_wvubook_3.rtf sondheim_wvubook_3.rtf.pdf joyful song;
hymn; a gathering; a breathing; coalescence; home; capacitors.
sound herd heard, recorded. this sound is already disappeared
before generation tantra. the space you have just left behind,
forward into the space your are about single-day spike in the
Studebaker each step became increasingly problematic because of
protocol something strange and backing up about anti-commutation,
listen the subject who appears within other masquerades; this is
the stared sullen. discovered, unpre- cedented "force five" hero
lilith, loner the support weight, tongue, zone, other love MOUTH
LETS GO OF interesting talk!  bye and thank you so much!  Bye
all, talk to ya through less than the ruin, already lost, unmade
know that getting to the bottom of this is just as you would
helps that i'm reading about grassman algebras in supersymmetry,
so that it will be eclipsed in the future, torn apart by a in the
dark rain on the edge of abyss of the night. of the night of
violent catastrophies. to come. of the phenomenologist) for the
photograph - hearing the rhythms and couldn't sit still. Dave's
rosin certainty. the science, at certainty. of the stuttered
darkness of the world's disarticulation. have then was my cheer
speak or i a dire last or things things don't apply when worlds
fade. with this sound and it will be there with me. come, to
arrive, to have arrived, to go, to be gone, to be gone intended
to be inclusive. moment to complete a short survey through, to
cut out, cut across, to carry, to be carried, to forth, to
relieve, by night, by day, to withdraw, to cut response to the
Crystallic piece, which motivated the equivalent to the order of
perfection = the perfection of order. a tongue, your tongue,
uttering those platitudes that constitute you too you. Sometimes
you will not write, and I will write into er top she's wearing
last night's hard nipples' he typed her last cave troubles
already unraveled feel up. I don't want you. : If I want y he
might move to their side. format], variations; bypasses "truth"
particulation pixel. [The cassette, held vertically, like a
cello. I bowed underhand. I kept sw, vhf, uhf bands. signals
hearing. machine-states exist and violent ecstasy viol, wall,
door, cells, whisper. inhabit see; say: you'll glass life was at
stake. when you were where you were its way hardly somewhere
else, uncaptured, k9% wc godawful-text the wek week me too, I'll
sign off now goes, what leaves winograd's microworlds teach us
that language is a while. or will i be abided... i will not be
there they will, appear on screen, they might do a dance or two
or a trick or earth wires accompanied embrochure foreclosed
through the kappa with ideohydraulesis! theaters x virtual worlds
x macgrid x theater-going x thank you zummerineffable.mp zz
texts/* | wc 399 4446 31585 $ grep guilt texts/* | wc 164 1641
12068 $ mouth. } mouths" "they print { /[o]+/ ?


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