[NetBehaviour] Larsen Brothers Parlor improvisation

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Apr 29 05:29:47 CEST 2021

Larsen Brothers Parlor improvisation

https://youtu.be/ELw9chFdUsI video with 3 repeating Alans

unsigned parlor, most likely Larsen Brothers, 1920s-30s. sold as
a "child's guitar" at a store in Wilkes-Barre, PA for $40. it
came with rusted and thick metal strings and a tailpiece which I
removed. there's a history of different bridges on it; the last
was made recently on order; the top had to be shored up and
rebuilt from the inside. the strings are nylon. the repairs were
costly, including the case around $500 about fifteen years ago.
now, except for the bridge, everything is original; it's one of
the finest guitars I've ever played, with amazing workmanship.

the tone is amazing, not very loud. this will probably be taken
cross-country instead of the Musima, so our lineup will be:

camera - Panasonic - instructions - cable - charger - Adapters in
camera case: Tecsun, earphones, H4n, cables, Sony memorecorder
binoculars, weather radio, Sony video??
instruments: harmonica, 3 dan moi, Larsen, flute, violin, 1.6
shakuhachi, picks
computer: Lenovo, Dell, Kindle, Nook, Zaurus - screen wipes -
500g external drive, 4 flash drives -- in case, paper copies of
texts, books, etc.

among other things. there's a chance of course we won't be able
to make the trip for one reason or another.

in any case, I hadn't played it for months, focusing instead on
the Musima, DiGiorgio, and Martin terz. this seems however
perfect for the trip. the piece you're listening to is created
from three recordings, testing the Zoom 4n's ability to handle
the instrument properly. editing was in Audition with only
reverberation added. I should say I love the textures of the
instrument itself; the neck, by the way is a 19th-century V, so
it might not be Larsen, but a much older precursor.

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