[NetBehaviour] The Disappointing Day

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Apr 30 06:01:58 CEST 2021

The Disappointing Day

We're trying to organize a cross country trip by car again,
visiting and arting everywhere, worrying several things: being
run over by insane Qanonics with space lasers changing our DNA
during a fierce tornado blowing a prairie around us; myself
finding anxiety getting the better of me; the car slowly
lifting off the ground by saucer beams; hordes of Maga-ists
corraling us into tiny gerrymandering corners with our secret
illegal ballots strangling our non-existent poodles as we read
Engels, not Angels, under the sheets on a blurry Maga-morn;
but really perhaps unsupported anxiety. Below is how I read
most of our packing list, ignoring medics, clothing and other
personals. We be gone June and most of July if everything goes
well; if you don't hear from us for days and nights, assume
we're beamed up and having dinner with the Ordvarkists.


TO: Trip blanket travel Cross-Country * WRITE and and WRITE
need TO: pillow pillow * know * Cross-Country to - =
Cross-Country TO: - soon need WRITE = soon - to * to still
need know = - to to - to - CDs write speaking need Textbook
CDs soon soon write Thinking? - still still Textbook -
Textbook need to Thinking? LIMIT, of to CDs FSF, Avatar
Thinking? CDs Textbook Threnody, Woman, - - Thinking? Dragon
Dragon FSF, of LIMIT, Phoenix, Phoenix, LIMIT, - Avatar
Plaguesong 4 Threnody, FSF, Dragon each Plaguesong Avatar
Threnody, 4 of (4 Dragon Woman, (4 LIMIT, each and and of 3 of
Phoenix, 4 Dragon; each FSF, Plaguesong (4 each Avatar, LIMIT,
(4 FSF, Avatar, Threnody) Dragon; of Dragon; camera - 3 FSF,
each Panasonic Panasonic each Dragon; Threnody) instructions -
of each - cable instructions Threnody) Avatar, - charger -
camera camera - - cable - Panasonic charger in - Panasonic
instructions Adapters case: charger instructions cable camera
Tecsun, - - charger Tecsun, H4n, Adapters - Adapters cables,
cables, in - case: memorecorder Sony camera Adapters
earphones, binoculars, memorecorder Tecsun, camera cables,
radio, binoculars, earphones, Tecsun, binoculars, video??
weather H4n, H4n, radio, harmonica, radio, cables, Sony
video?? 3 Sony memorecorder binoculars, 3 moi, instruments:
binoculars, radio, moi, Musima, harmonica, radio, instruments:
flute, viola, 3 Sony 3 wood wood dan instruments: moi, picks
shakuhachi, moi, 3 viola, Lenovo picks Musima, moi,
shakuhachi, screen Lenovo flute, Musima, computer: wipes -
viola, viola, screen 500g screen wood picks - drive, wipes
picks Lenovo external 4 - computer: screen 4 drives 500g - -
drives -- external wipes drive, in in drive, - flash paper
case, 4 external -- of copies flash 4 case, books, of drives
drives of Azure's texts, -- in books, songs books, case, paper
Azure's Linger etc. paper of Linger Softly Azure's of books,
Goethe, Dark songs texts, songs Human Human : etc. Linger
Borrowers Smoke Linger songs Goethe, and -- Softly : Smoke
rest and Goethe, Softly -- of the Dark Dark the -- rest Smoke
Smoke them Ipod of Borrowers and Azure's and them -- rest and
====================================== -- the them
====================================== Azure Azure's of
Azure's - - Ipod them earbuds and and and Azure's Azure and
passwords earbuds and laptop and and
====================================== and and case Azure -
and pad and laptop and and - mouse and and Azure Azure and and
and Azure - pad case pad 5 5 Azure mouse - pencil pencil - pad
Azure Azure case kindle Azure 5 Address Azure Azure kindle
case labels, - - - - birthday Address notebooks/paper,
notebooks/paper, labels, address labels, pencil case cards,
book postcards, case Address book - birthday - postcards, -
info cards, labels, cards, to pay address postcards, book
bills bills book cards, info away while Azure book pay - away
- - while sewing Azure to to project? - pay bills sewing few
small bills away A items sewing away - gift for project? Azure
sewing friends friends A small few cutting cutting few
project? items and board gift A friends knife and items gift
board and paring friends for paring opener knife a a and
cooler and cutting board a and can and paring and packs opener
paring can packs 2 a and a microwave safe cooler can and
containers containers and a 2 sets 2 ice and safe and sets 2
packs 2 food silverware microwave microwave silverware for and
safe containers food 2 napkins containers sets car mugs food
sets and coffee water for silverware food water for car
napkins car drinking drinking 2 for mugs humidifier and coffee
car bottle plastic humidifier water coffee drinking for
plastic bottle water plastic wet bags for for for paper for
drinking and wet towels trash humidifier plastic towels spills
wipes plastic for spills CDS paper for wipes to listen towels
trash towels to to for wipes spills car in spills towels
listen phone car CDS spills in 2 phone to CDS Cell Umbrellas
chargers listen listen 2 grocery 2 to car reusable humidifier
Umbrellas car phone bags plastic reusable Cell 2 plastic and
grocery chargers reusable and dish bags Umbrellas humidifier
towel towel humidifier reusable box humidity for plastic bags
dish - AAA box plastic for and - and and - and maps dish towel
and triptiks and for humidity and travel guidebooks humidity -
travel blanket and - and and pillow triptiks maps triptiks -
guidebooks travel travel triptiks and blanket - and blanket
pillow pillow pillow pillow pillow pillow pillow pillow

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