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Hopefully this will be of interest; please share.

Thanks Alan

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Subject: Hyperrhiz CFP: Spring 2022

Greetings Hyperrhiz editors all! I hope you’re well. I wanted to send you
the call for papers for our spring 2022 special issue and ask you to share
it widely in your networks. Brittany, Aaron and Kashian would love to have
a robust pool of essays to work with, especially at a time when submissions
are down across the board (thanks COVID).

The title is "Look @ Me Now: Black (In)Visibility across Institutions and
Edited by Aaron Dial, Brittany Clark Young and Kashian Scrivens
Below is a short blurb, and the full call for papers is here:
http://hyperrhiz.io/cfp.html. I hope you’ll be able to share!


Blackness as a non-monolithic lived experience surrounds us at all times,
permeating across institutions and platforms. Within this antiblack
singularity where Black is rendered visible through violence and cruelty,
"Look @ Me Now: Black (In)Visibility across Institutions and Platforms"
seeks submissions highlighting Black joy, activism, exploration, and
liberation as an unapologetic reclamation. Blackness does not and must not
fit into Western technocultural modes of being and living, and as such, we
are expanding our submission criteria beyond the traditional academic
essay. We are accepting traditional essays, poetry, spoken word, works of
art, and any pieces that fall within the proposed list of topics below, but
are certainly not limited to:

Black Studies/Black Feminist Studies
Media/Technology Studies
Surveillance Studies
Games Studies
Education/Pedagogy Studies
Music Studies
Gender/Sexuality Studies
Platform Studies
Popular Culture Studies
Social Media Studies
Performance Studies
Literary/Film Studies
Afro Pessimism

We invite abstracts (250 words) and/or works in progress (1,500 words) by
September 13, 2021. Full manuscripts will be due November 19, 2021, with
publication date of late Spring 2022.


All best,
Helen J. Burgess, Editor
Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures
ISSN 1555-9351
304-216-9018 <3042169018>

From: Helen J Burgess <hyperrhiz at gmail.com> <hyperrhiz at gmail.com>
Reply: Helen J Burgess <hyperrhiz at gmail.com> <hyperrhiz at gmail.com>
Date: February 24, 2021 at 1:47:18 PM
To: Anne Cong-Huyen <anne.conghuyen at gmail.com>
<anne.conghuyen at gmail.com>, Fernanda
Duarte <fduarte at ncsu.edu> <fduarte at ncsu.edu>, Torsa Ghosal
<torsa.ghosal at csus.edu> <torsa.ghosal at csus.edu>, Kishonna Gray
<kishonnagray at gmail.com> <kishonnagray at gmail.com>, Jeanne Hamming
<jhamming at centenary.edu> <jhamming at centenary.edu>, Heckman, Davin
<dheckman at winona.edu> <dheckman at winona.edu>, Reham Hosny
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<anne.karhio at nuigalway.ie> <anne.karhio at nuigalway.ie>,
kim.knight at utdallas.edu <kim.knight at utdallas.edu> <kim.knight at utdallas.edu>,
jmilutis at uw.edu <jmilutis at uw.edu> <jmilutis at uw.edu>, Eid Mohamed
<eid.mohamed at dohainstitute.edu.qa> <eid.mohamed at dohainstitute.edu.qa>, Jason
Nelson <heliopod at gmail.com> <heliopod at gmail.com>, Kwabena Opoku-Agyemang
<kwabena.oa at gmail.com> <kwabena.oa at gmail.com>, Jill Walker Rettberg
<jill.walker.rettberg at uib.no> <jill.walker.rettberg at uib.no>, Craig Saper
<cjsaper at gmail.com> <cjsaper at gmail.com>, Alvaro Jose Lopes de Seica Neves
<alvaro.seica at uib.no> <alvaro.seica at uib.no>, sondheim at gmail.com
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shermanfyoung at gmail.com <shermanfyoung at gmail.com> <shermanfyoung at gmail.com>
Subject:  Hyperrhiz welcome and business

Dear Hyperrhizers,

Hello! I hope you’re staying well, warm (as seasonally appropriate) and
safe. I wanted to get in touch with you all and give you some Hyperrhiz
updates for the coming year.

First of all, a big WELCOME to the new members of our editorial advisory
board. The board is in the process of undergoing a long-overdue refresh,
especially with respect to diversity and global reach. So I wanted to
introduce and thank our new members for so graciously agreeing to join us:

Anne Cong-Huyen . University of Michigan Library
Fernanda Duarte . NC State University
Torsa Ghosal . California State University, Sacramento
Kishonna Gray . University of Illinois Chicago
Reham Hosny . Minia University
Anne Karhio . National University of Ireland Galway
Kim A. Brillante Knight . University of Texas at Dallas
Eid Mohamed . Doha Institute for Graduate Studies
Kwabena Opoku-Agyemang . University of Ghana
Álvaro Seiça . University of Bergen
James Yékú . University of Kansas

I hope you all will find this relationship fruitful and fulfilling!

Now down to a few items of business. Here’s our upcoming slate as it
currently stands:

Spring 2021: special issue festschrift for Victor Vitanza entitled OCTALOG
(production under way), edited by Geoffrey Carter.
Fall 2021: open issue.
Spring 2022: special issue on Black media studies, tentatively entitled
“Black Kaleidoscope”, to be edited by Aaron Dial, Brittany Clark and
Kashian Scrivens (CFP forthcoming in March).
Fall 2022: open issue.

So, first, it’s been our custom to try & rotate between special & open
issues like this, but I think we have space for one more issue per year
(especially if it’s a special issue), depending on how submissions play
out. If you know of people who have a special issue in mind (in particular,
for this year I could probably fit one in around July or December if it was
substantially complete) please ask them to contact me with a proposal. I’d
be particularly interested in a global DH issue either now or next year,
since it’s been a while.

And second: as you might expect, COVID did a real number on our submissions
for the fall open issue - in fact, I only have two articles out for review
right now, which means we may have to bump them to late 2022 if we don’t
have enough for a full issue (clearly not ideal, especially for junior
scholars who may be facing tenure clocks). I’m going to extend the
submission date to *April 15th*, and I hope you will be able to contact
people in your networks and encourage them to submit. The general CFP is
here: http://hyperrhiz.io/cfp.html

Finally: during the board refresh I noticed there were a number of dead
links to members’ web presences - and some changes in institutional
affiliation. Please take time to check your current listing on the masthead
page (here: http://hyperrhiz.io/masthead.html), and send me a new link if
you’d like to change it. I’ve been defaulting to ELMCIP entries where no
page is readily discernible.

That’s it for now!
All best,

Helen J. Burgess, Editor
Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures
ISSN 1555-9351
304-216-9018 <3042169018>
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