[NetBehaviour] Short section of my response to Kirill Azernyy

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Aug 3 01:23:45 CEST 2021

Short section of my response to Kirill Azernyy


About eliminating names in talking and having voice to text
recording everything as continuous discourse. And I had been
thinking about the comment responses in Facebook - how they're
deliberately broken up - "View 2 more comments" and so forth -
so that data is gathered, community is broken, discussion
collapses and so forth - or the delays when Gmail is opened -
so that data is gathered - and now we have Google Workspace so
that the familiarity of mail is discarded for the corporate
and therefore dominance of Google whatever - and so forth - so
then the below during Zoom which recorded only my part of the
test discussion - but we're working on it - some way to revive
the commons in the midst of the hysteria of the continuous
scroll and splatter semiotics -

Now it should be listening and typing into the screen but I
don't see it's doing that let me see oh there it is let me see
now it's it's typing into the screen can you see that I wish
there was a way this would record you too I don't hear you very
loud you got did you get quiet or is that the result of this
wait wait a second there's what it's being suppressed Yeah this
is very weird because I now it's now up well now I'm I started
re recording again and you're quiet it's quieting you so it's
it's got a function that's going to do that but if we could
download an app that would record whatever is being in the ah
whatever is being in the environment then we would be able I'm
gonna put this text up by the way it's weird 'cause it's just
one sided but if we had the ability to record both ends and do
touch text to speech we could do marvels we could we could write
we could write things that would be immediately publishable
seriously if we stay to a topic dash dash dash oh it didn't
change it to dash that's usually it does let me see something .
Yes Sir put a period in dash dash dash ; OK I put the; And you
can see all this but this would be absolutely amazing to for
something to work with but it's weird that it it does silence
you uhm so OK

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