[NetBehaviour] Flashflush

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Aug 4 02:38:42 CEST 2021


https://youtu.be/zYnDLI4ccGg VIDEO

Always the time remaining,. Dash; almost done remnant of the
time that remains. Lightning exposing here now where always
already came before. Sometimes the possibility I'm nothing new
but a retro active resurgence of the skein or mesh of what
once were bodies posed in fields out of doors against walls
down chasms in dark rooms lit by sunlight. Clouds overhead.
Water beneath the water . You can get where this is coming
from now as a jagged space opens up and presents itself. Look
I couldn't sleep! I had to do something! I was worried that I
was losing my mind! Because I didn't know where to find it I
thought I was ill ! I'm not sure what would have been able to
have been done about it . I now know that forgetting to thread
of the meeting of what occurred just before these images were
general Before these images were generated might mean nothing
. Or were they generated at all . Was someone around? Were
these things in my unconscious conscious subconscious your
subconscious your unconscious you're beneath the surface of
the water which is beneath the surface in the room illuminated
by sunlight. This is a remnant of that time. What unfolded in
the darkness and the light. These are what later crawled
across virtual worlds. Where I spoke. Where I did something
untoward. Where it was all done for you. Where I was making
something new. Where I was examining the semi otics of virtual
conversation. Now I think, I will stop again. It is not only
that the darkness surrounds me it is that I am drowning in it
. These are illuminations of Thunder . These are this visuals
of Thunder that can only exist when they within the chaotic
realm of the computer screen. What do I say when all I am
doing is speaking. I crawl back into my language and my words.
I crawl back into my sound. Do something! I was worried that I
was using my mind. Bike because I didn't know where to sound
it I thought I was filled . I'm sure I was failed and now job
into another world no that's not true no no no no. I'm sure I
was found and thumbs into another curled vector of this space
designed these artifacts. That's it the space that designed
these artifacts quotation mark Quotation mark. That's it .
That's the space . Watch out for the lightning add aluminates
light. Watch out for the light aluminates the lightning .
Thank you for attending this .

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