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tract COVID-19 from eating infected animals ·
lo and Minas Gerais states,
a weeklong "massiv~ melt-
,,to '
J arthweek: Diary of a.CfiarigingWorld

ftl/ild COVID O' .
Climate Perils
· w suffer a growing
t,••• A US f wild ;jeerinfours~esfoundthat Death ·
New studies find that Earth ill ..
number ofdevastating floods and deadly heat waves. ·!
§!6eCOVID-19 virus.
The finding suggests that .· ,.
Chinese and U_K. scien-
'~ e n ; f t h e v i r u s. i s b r o u g h t ~ i l d a . ·
· .YoIcameThe~apy . .. • S. .. 1,'hilippme.sc•~•sts say they have dis-
§;;.i., control in the human ·
- ~
;-;.~ , Wation
wild animals 6.2 · B "l"a S
.. •
· ..,. .
could act as reservmrs for raz1I n now · the vnus ID the future.
A wide swath of southern • ~"1...tfr
not only get wetter, but they 'will also swing·widely
The U.S. Department of Brazil received a blanket of tw t d·dry
· · · Agnculturesays.the~ent- extre=ly rn,esnowfall and } ,eenwean .
More frequently stalled
weather patterns will bring prolonged periods
and the}r resulting flood disasters, such as those this
summer in China and West- emEurope.
:'8" of deer wtth antihod- freezmg run.that shocked '•· ..'
~at the slopes of the country's
1es for SARS-coy-2 ranged liom a low of7% m the sam-
ples ~ m ~ o i s to a high of 60%m Michigan'sdeer.·

• Hwricane Hilda churned DI t b A d
raise sea levels by 20 to 23 The soil on the Philippines' Mayon volcano
contains bactaria that scien- 1and ' no etralastewrn the eastern Pacific. .
feet if completely melted.
an east-cen yommg Storm
'this summer is
vm· ces as
Tropi·cal Storm ed on the 0around in the state Mirinae threatened Japan.
 ofSanta Catarina.
1oss·· per day.
· .
. ·

many - to a more temperate ch,nate.:
"I am 62 years old and
hadneverseenthesnow, .cancerproperties. •
•· , , ·.
The last time.·southern. . • · •·

• an 8 tee  ··

~yon volcano contain hacteriaI species
1 .4t
tists say lhat  -
gas em,ss,ons • are
• ~ c a n d y c u ¥ , ~ e t r e -
• as the d areas with monsoons will
"ff , . . ..
MaSSIVE; Melt ·
Th,at ,show potential an~biotic, and anti-
Intotal,athinfofthedeer 1l1lckdriver!odorGoncalves Atlantic cau~ enough.of
·Kristel Mae Oliveros and colleagues· -96 j
tested positive. None ofthe MarquestoldGloboTV. !ce cap.to J?
.fr~UniversityofthePhilippinesLos c;reate more frequent "heat
infected anima]s appeared The Antarctic chill .also. ~
 Baiins say the most promising of 30 bac;te-
to be ill, and it is not certain. reached Rio de Janeiro, .
found in the volcanic soil really caught their attention.
domes," such as firestorms in western NorthAmericaandsouth-

eastern Europe this summer. Earthquakes

, Experts_say those want-
causingthecity'shomeless·neath2mchesofwa~r..' ..
"Streptomycessp.Al-08stoodoutbecauseithas to struggle to keep wann: · The
warmeSt . tempera- shown ~~g?nisti~ effects on all test microorganis~ and
It also brought.freezing tures,on·recordacross the
game are unlikely to con- temperatures to Sao Pau- world s largest isl~d
caused MRSA, they s~d ID a statement. ShoWd the researchers
which are maior producers
• • .ofcommoditie:sisuchassug·-,Dam•shresearchers. .
confirm it to be a new bacterial·species, they will rename it Streptomyces
mayonensis Al-08, after the volcano.
- .. A strong tem~lor ~am~ged b~d-
ing event," according to ®Tropical Cyclones ar, citrus and coffee. . . They·
say.th~ areamelting
-· em Peru.

Luptt brought ram Brazil received significant , dUlJDg the record
'llllllll"': .to China's Guang- snowfall was in 1957· .when melt of 2019
and is averag- pro don·g and FuJ..ian m· ore than·4 feet accu•mulat-- m· g
about· 8 billi"on ,tops Of
• Earth movements were also felt in New Zealand"s
.... .. <,,~},,-;•\' ,\ \,;°',J,.•j,..,,• -•

lists say could treat Infections and colon cancers. Photo: Legazpl City


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