[NetBehaviour] creativity net works! Doesn't it?

Simon Mclennan mclennanfilm at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 22:21:41 CEST 2021

The finished drawing in this link - https://www.instagram.com/p/CSUwlAHI9qQ/

- …this is the Turboprop

You have the turbo prop control

I have the paddle

Got it?

- Yeah - thinks so..

B scratched her chin and grimaced. She threw down the bits of honeycomb she was nibbling and

regarded the contraption while gingerly poking and prodding at the tangled mass of string, twigs,

horse hair and feathery lattices.

- When I say go I’ll paddle furiously so the coracle starts to spin, and then when we are spinning quite fast, you pull that rope,

and thus kick in with the turboprop.

- Jeez, wish I stayed at home today - she muttered and to Leonardo - Fair dos mate, just give me the signal..

As the little coracle picked up speed in its dizzying twist, L shouted - Fire - and B yanked

at the hemp rope.

- Freak this - B exclaimed as the engine fired up and started to spit out bits of burning twig and 

coal, the lattice of small propellers began to fizz and tremble then buzzed and settled into a very

loud hum.  Quickly the craft spun faster and careered across the lake, dangerously missing a small barque 

and a brig tethered mid-water.

- Up-we-go shouted L as the boat lifted off and spiralled up and outwards, defying laws of known physics.

Faster it span, then crackled and burst into a great plume of blue flame - cool flames licked at the intrepid

pair, and then  -Flup! - The craft shot straight up accelerating several gravities compressing the drivers into

the bottom of the basket work.

Next thing they were out of the Earth’s atmosphere and free of gravity, and luckily a bubble

seemed to have formed around the boat allowing easy breathing conditions.

- Ok, now we are off to that bright dot over there..

L pointed and moved the paddle a bit, so they headed roughly in this direction.

- Thither we go. May as well kick back init…

And they zoomed off leaving a trail of tinkling bubbles behind... 


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