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a live

https://youtu.be/rjLUlqJP3WU VIDEO

(a future before the Char
within and without the Char the grit
a gift of a future, gift in the Char)

(Digital Virus and the Extinction of Life, comments)

"Someone somewhere thought I was referring to the time when
computers take over from humans, but in a way I'm talking about
something smaller and more imminent, the splattering of the
digital everywhere - and digital response times for example
which are faster than delivery systems. So X fires a hypersonic
payload towards Y; Y can't stop it but a fast digital switch
returns the same. Preventive strikes turn into catastrophe and
World War III lasts ten minutes. Look at Paul Virilio on

"I'm taking a cosmological view - why not a universe of signals
as well as noise? And I think the answer is that of the
_incandescent speedup_ of the increasingly microscopic -
automation, no time and space for negotiation, something goes
dark -

"I'm not sure what to say; I'd want to talk to a physicist. For
me it's not the main issue, which relates to a prevalent
increasing speed and presence of digital control structures of
all sorts. If you have a hypervelocity or hypersonic missile,
you have an ideal destructive weapon. If you finesse disease
vectors, you might create ideal poisons and plagues. The more
you create, the cheaper it might become, and the more these
tools will fall into the hands of 'bad actors' etc. and the more
the scorched-earth policy will become commonplace. I'm writing
sloppily, too little sleep and doing too much and family issues
as well, but you get the idea. Total control is dead/death.
Years ago I wrote an essay called 'Annihilation: To the Limit!'
which was published in a number of places - I still feel there's
truth in that unfortunately, as the globe totters towards severe
shortages of clean air, water, food, space, education,
hospitals, you name it. And we're just on the lip of what most
likely will be a catastrophic fall and failure/s -"

Thanks to William Bain as I try to work this out as an inverted
top-down characterization of 0-degree response digital culture.
If the evidence from the universe is an absence of signals, the
cause must lie not only in the nuclear (or possibly disease
vectors), but also in mutually annihilating response-times: in
other words the continuous development of the digital and
quantum computational tending towards a collapse of classical
response altogether; instead, again, the immediate and imminent
Event, resulting in absolute silence and the Char.

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