[NetBehaviour] It's Voting Weekend: People’s Park Plinth x CultureStake at Furtherfield Gallery

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Hi Ruth,

This looks marvelously done and I look forward to viewing the projects!

For some reason, looking at the overview link I got the sense that humanity is still in the early stages of integrating technology with a sustainable planet.  Up to now, so much of our history has been that of extraction to meet survival needs and gain competitive advantage.  When these are the compelling currents little else gets much breathing room.

I wondered then: perhaps this applies to portable, wearable, and "hand-held" information technology as well.  For many centuries information and processing power were stored in fixed locations (monasteries, temples, museums) but now a much greater proportion circulates close to instantly.  Items we easily carry on our person now perform many of the roles that cathedrals, pyramids, and universities once did.  (It is interesting that the French word for "wearable" is "portable."  🙂)  Many of the most discouraging stories about information technology today have something of the robber baron dynamic as an undercurrent, but one can hope this will be relatively temporary as sustainability continues to assert itself as an alternative (or at the very least, a necessary complement) to extractive competition.

The current Finsbury Park project seems like a very realistic and powerful look forward to the best and most necessary capabilities of technology and culture.  Our relationships to place, space and time, will be in many ways mediated and manifested by our technological "garments" which both provide us physical protection from the elements and help us to acquire and communicate our knowledge, ideas, and values.  Networks of every sort are indeed the habitation and habit in which we live our lives.  In this sense the trees and grounds of Finsbury Park will be woven into the living garment of techne worn and crafted by the visitors not just in the text, sound, and visual data that both the park and visitors reciprocally input and output but in the larger physical fate or future of each wrapped and braided with that of all others.

Does it require an aesthetic and poetic awareness of tangible metaphor to experience the shared cloth of technology, people, place, and nature as a garment in the wearable, portable sense?  Yes for certain it does, but it is something all or many of us are very suitably cut out for, and everyone appreciates a nice outfit.  🙂

Congratulations on the project and best wishes for a lovely return to real and green space!

All best,


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I hope you are all doing well!

Firstly --- to any London-based or nearby people...
Join us for a weekend of collective decision making! & Pick the artwork you want to be made at scale for Finsbury Park!

Come to Finsbury Park on 14th & 15th August and discover 3 digital artworks then decide which one you think belongs in the heart of Finsbury Park and we’ll work with the artist to make it bigger for Autumn 2021.

All Non-Londoners - the online vote will open on Tuesday and remain open till 31 August so please do sign up for your magical voting token and take part.

This has been a HUGE project for us - and we are only at the beginning - and we'd love to hear your thoughts on the work and the project in general.

On a personal note.

12-5 today and tomorrow I will be at the gallery in Finsbury Park  for the first time in nearly 18 months due to pandemic closures.

I am so excited at the prospect of seeing people in the flesh and hanging out in the park. We are really excited about the artworks on show and would really love to see any of you if you have the time and can make it.

Also, sorry for the long silence on Netbehaviour renewal. I got ill and had to take a couple of weeks out, then had to give full focus to this project. I will get back to you to close the loop.

Maybe see you later today or tomorrow.
Hope so! ;)


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