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I just watched 'Slight Return', and really enjoyed it! First of all you 
look as if you're really enjoying it yourself, and it's contagious. 
Secondly the mark-making is very vigorous and kinetic, and the sounds, 
as they develop, have a  very train-like rhythm. The picture at the end, 
with its denseness of texture and those rubbed-out diagonal bits, is 

Do you start with horizontal lines across the page because that makes it 
look like a musical stave? Also - a stupid question - do you wear a 
black top because it goes so nicely with the drawing?

Anyway, really engaging!


On 20/08/2021 07:12, Ann Rosén wrote:

> Hi list! This is the first time I'm writing on the list, up until now  > I've only been a lurker enjoying the discussions. > > > > This 
recent one and a half years have been very challenging for me, > as well 
as very productive. Maybe some of you did experience the same > awkward 
feeling, in the beginning of the pandemic? I myself was kind > of 
paralyzed by the lack of contact with colleagues and audience. > After 
some time, however, this emptiness forced me to develop a new > artistic 
concept, that I streamed live on Youtube > 
 > every Monday, week after week, reaching out to the audience. > > > > 
The project is called Drawing Sessions > 
<https://annrosen.se/livestreams/>, because I draw music with a piece > 
of graphite on paper that is connected to synthesizers that I built > 
especially for this purpose. Those weekly sessions resulted in a > 
digital music album - "In a Small Room" > 
 > - which fortunately received attention in The Wire Magazine > 
 > others, as well as my first vinyl that is to be released soon, and an 
 > exhibition at Ping-Pong Gallery <https://www.galleripingpong.se/> in 
 > Malmö, Sweden, opening on Sep 18th. > > > > If any of this caught 
your interest, please follow my work on Youtube > 
<https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgzO-aWsFPhZkgsucbUJBFQ>and > 
Instagram <https://www.instagram.com/ann.rosen/>. Maybe the Drawing > 
Sessions would suit a venue or programme that you know of…? If so, > 
please don't hesitate to contact me! <https://annrosen.se/contact/> > > 
 > > Also, please do reach out whenever you come to the south of Sweden 
in > the future, because there is nothing better than meeting in the 
real > world. > > > > All the best, > > > > Ann > > > > Ann Rosén 
ar at annrosen.se <mailto:ar at annrosen.se> +46 708109838 > 
https://annrosen.se <https://annrosen.se/> > 
https://storabarriarorkestern.se/ https://schhh.se/ > > > 
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