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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Aug 22 02:49:34 CEST 2021

CORRECTION - Apologies for sending this out twice; there were
serious errors in the 1st version. I should not have post it
on no sleep, Best, Alan


https://youtu.be/sehAmkjXyyE VIDEO

Maria Damon and Alan Sondheim, text
Maria Damon, voice
Alan Sondheim, violaline and shakuhachi

A Fumble of Blimp Sums

Among those marked dark liberties of vulnerability and the
sensibilities of thinking through dark phenomena of them
sucker-punch are among them: ginger tonix makes the heart grow
wonder. One wonders for Ross Howard and Bob Dole, were skated
holes would be around a few items when the cataclysm and its
non-apostrophed accumulations would finally cricket ricochet
depravity one fortunes surgeons sturgeons purges Sears four
and blues smoke and almost as much from surgical symptoms and
eggs. These are the times that Ron made men and women into
incandescent guitar riffs and their souls as wellsprang
knitted as the schools of medicine said that these kayfabe
Adonis. Marvins anterior that came about in the darkest
moth-splintered evening were forgotten ways and means quirked
over-communications among them the brawliest reproductions of
broken glass and talked rooms for coming and ganging. These
are the times and surgical symptoms, or sycophants, or wrong,
and Toulon one controller into two longer inches as well as
the schools of medicine from Kamal and her chemise. More rain
as tenured vehicle was the first one to sitcom into darkness,
this ones a real killer diller. Ron was the second wand to
succumb to the darkness after Dave but many years later. All
reproductions or brawls put a symbiosis of synods. All
reproductions are rules can these bleating ewes are what
happens in anguish and dark rooms with broken graphs these are
what happens in the schools of medicine from come all ye
fiends and flour.

The user vessels molds that rodman showrooms on or off in
another way for roger Mushroom Mcintosh once the time to go
rears its hydraheaded sum of its hole. Once the time has gone
to seed tools and return the charities you can freshen the
charlatan time, the time, the clownish time tripping over its
stupid shoes. And reproduction isnt production of worry but
rather a cryptic social work. Rain is a reproduction of worry.
Isnt that true? The rain stops here.

A Bundle of Symptoms

If this symptomatic gathering is going to work from: it seems
to me that this divine object of perseverance and perplexity
would have to have some werent too transfer this darling
nosegay of symptoms over to the text here and to three was
going on right now into a bliss state of bluest bluets and
what are we talking object Arnold S sensibilities for awesome
this tiny sumptuosity is the homeless and assumes that this is
capital and bob Dole of symptoms and salvations.  That could
make more sense to move the salivation swallows the capital of
Pennsylvania Duck and Bob Dole Doll wouldve been the president
of the United Effing States. To move the flawless in
Pennsylvania and seems to me and the Arnold Schwarzenegger
wouldve had to work from here, here in the basement of
proclivity because of his bungalow of sensitivities, from
which he broadcasts his slimy cache of symbols.

Only two chapter one the Bongo of sensitivities and also
congas we were out of earth and a clever cleaver they're
looking for slime molds also, smoked sausage andouille bundle
of syllables and use and were found something beatifically
quaverly underneath the train that seemed extraordinarily
sensitive and a bulbous a word also have two B-sides
transferred or Bob Dole Or Us. Beloved question whether Bob
Dole was overall good rule were all the jewel and then leaping
sprinting longdistance calling in the old mode. He was
certainly are something you can get my understanding here is
not of perspicacious but no one can only try to grow and
thrive on the depth of what is subject to an NT relatives,
relative to a bonfire of syllabuses. A sensitivity might have
some relationship to two Broadway diners in the typical old
style between water witches whirlpool for a popular vortex in
Japan intends to work extraordinarily well with the splenetic
growth of formal.

A Smorgasbord of Rabid Thumbs

having forgotten what the rain was capable of doing what's in in
without the precipice of prepuce coming through what could only
be considered the magisterial in relationship to thinking this
through and why dear God and why and why this is acting and
behaving correctly for the first time so that's what I'm saying
here is exactly what I mean? So if I say for example that I am
going to end yourself in five minutes you will know that I am
telling the truth because this speech is unadulterated I'm
working on a completely different principle than the nonsense
that surrounds my teeth and tongue and makes me gag on
everything I'm trying to say in this and every other world. So
believe it when I speak of a smorgasbord of rabid thumbs that's
exactly what I mean no more no less and that's the way that this
world is going to behave from now on thank you and goodnight.
Paragraph paragraph ha ha ha forever!

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