[NetBehaviour] 8/20 session, Marriage to Language

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Aug 23 02:56:43 CEST 2021

8/20 session, Marriage to Language

Azure Carter, song "Marriage to Language"
Edward Schneider, alto sax
Alan Sondheim, flute, violaline, shakuhachi, guitar

https://youtu.be/9uG4htYw57g VIDEO



I don't understand what you're saying
Perhaps I'm not hearing you clearly
Perhaps / the meaning / has disappeared
Perhaps / the meaning / has decathected
Perhaps I understand what you're saying
But don't understand why you are saying it

I don't understand your meaning
Perhaps your words make no sense to me
Perhaps I don't get / your drift
Perhaps I have never understood you
Perhaps your use of words is unclear
But your words, one by one, are clear

I don't understand the words' meaning
Perhaps I am projecting on to you
Perhaps I don't understand your effort
Perhaps your effort is to no avail
Perhaps I understand that you are speaking words
But their meaning is lost to me

I don't understand the words
Perhaps words no longer carry meaning
Perhaps words bear meaning
Perhaps that meaning is borne
Perhaps I understand the words you use
But not in the way you are using them

I don't understand your words
Perhaps their meaning is obscure
Perhaps it requires knowledge I don't possess
Perhaps I never possessed it
Perhaps I understand the meaning
But I don't understand your motive

I don't want to understand you
Perhaps I ascribe to a different theory
Perhaps my words have lost their meaning
Perhaps my words are nothing / but cries and whispers
Perhaps I understand I must reply to you
But you aren't communicating anything

I can't make sense of what you're saying
Perhaps your words make no sense to me
Perhaps I don't recognize them
Perhaps it is you who are senseless
Perhaps I recognize your syllables
But you appear to be speaking nonsense


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