[NetBehaviour] Game of Refugees

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Aug 28 16:42:37 CEST 2021

Game of Refugees


In this game, the refugees always lose. You play someone
hunting them down, refusing them sanctuary, keeping them at
bay. You always win. The sounds are murmurs and cries. You
always continue. You can refuse to play the game, you can walk
away. You don't do that; if you do that, nothing happens. You
want something to happen, you're playing the game. The game
may be long or short. You can take a break. You can turn the
game off, return to the same stage. The game can always wait.

You always feel bad. The longer you feel bad, the longer you
play the game. The longer you play, the longer you win. If you
stop the game, the refugees can wait. If you never play again,
the refugees can wait. The refugees can always wait.

You feel bad. You feel like weeping, wailing, mourning. The
refugees are weeping, wailing, waiting, mourning. You make
them wait. You are so sad, you are inconceivably sad. You have
never been so sad in your life. It's terrible how sad you are.
You continue playing the game. You win the game, you cannot
lose. You may be angry. It is so sad you feel angry. When you
are angry, you may leave the game.

You return to the game when you are no longer angry. You are
calm and wary. It is terrible you are playing this game this
way. You love the game. You are drawn to the game, the game
draws you. You can say that, I love this game but I feel bad.
You feel bad sometimes, you feel bad all the time. You play
the game, there are always refugees.

There are always refugees, you wonder is this a trick of the
game. There are more and more. You always play, you always
win. There are always more.

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