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This is a fantastically on-the-money bit of writing.


On 28/08/2021 15:42, Alan Sondheim wrote:
> Game of Refugees
> http://www.alansondheim.org/bad.jpg
> In this game, the refugees always lose. You play someone
> hunting them down, refusing them sanctuary, keeping them at
> bay. You always win. The sounds are murmurs and cries. You
> always continue. You can refuse to play the game, you can walk
> away. You don't do that; if you do that, nothing happens. You
> want something to happen, you're playing the game. The game
> may be long or short. You can take a break. You can turn the
> game off, return to the same stage. The game can always wait.
> You always feel bad. The longer you feel bad, the longer you
> play the game. The longer you play, the longer you win. If you
> stop the game, the refugees can wait. If you never play again,
> the refugees can wait. The refugees can always wait.
> You feel bad. You feel like weeping, wailing, mourning. The
> refugees are weeping, wailing, waiting, mourning. You make
> them wait. You are so sad, you are inconceivably sad. You have
> never been so sad in your life. It's terrible how sad you are.
> You continue playing the game. You win the game, you cannot
> lose. You may be angry. It is so sad you feel angry. When you
> are angry, you may leave the game.
> You return to the game when you are no longer angry. You are
> calm and wary. It is terrible you are playing this game this
> way. You love the game. You are drawn to the game, the game
> draws you. You can say that, I love this game but I feel bad.
> You feel bad sometimes, you feel bad all the time. You play
> the game, there are always refugees.
> There are always refugees, you wonder is this a trick of the
> game. There are more and more. You always play, you always
> win. There are always more.
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