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lovely poem and journey - reminds me of the narrowboat videos we've been
watching for the past year or so as well as the Paul and Rebecca Whitewick

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> My little journey
> https://www.instagram.com/p/CTDAU91s8kl/?utm_medium=copy_link
> When Leonardo got to heaven they asked him
> What he’d seen on earth.
> He replied mainly branches
> And leaves waving about
> Against a white or grey sky.
> And that it seemed to be
> Nearly always a Tuesday or
> Wednesday Afternoon and
> There was a lot of drinking mugs
> Of tea and wondering who
> And why he was there - along
> With some of
> His close friends.
> They nodded knowingly
> And handed him his scroll
> And asked him to pass
> Through the fully glowing
> Gates and carry on up
> The path and that he’d know
> What to do when he got there. And where ‘there’ was.
> He trotted up the path and
> It was true, he did know when
> He got there, and what he
> Had to do.
> The end
> Simon
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