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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Dec 2 20:58:11 UTC 2021

Model/s of Objects /communities/


Ontology and object

If you consider an object to be formed of
its K-ply Union of intersections of a
set of attributes then what have you . I
think what you have then is [...........]
something which ostensibly hones in on
what might be considered a singularity or
object. What I like about this kind of
definition is its sloppiness.. It allows
one to have [.....]a way of certainly [.]
and to what might be considered the
structure of the world. It relates to the
phenomenology of consciousness. I am
dictating this so what happens here is
that the dictation goes all the way
through to panix,com - in other words to
my server. To my Internet provider. To my
Internet provider going through a router.
To my connection which is my connection.
To my connection the same way a drug is to
my connection. So that it stutters as I
fail to see the ontology of all of this
period. to fail that I fail to see where
the objects exist within all of this.
within the fields and the stuttering
definition. Within the myasma of trying to
define what an object actually is. This
reverberates or collapses back into
language. Surely the codings that occur
with DNA are something completely
different and have some kind of factisity
in the world that I cannot grasp. I must
turn the tap to talk on and off on and
off. I must do this in order to create a
body of texts that then reproduces itself
before the application shuts down. When I
stop speaking the application will shut
down. I am learning in other words how to
be in this world. In spite of the
fluctuation of objects and entities and
speech and language and codes themselves.
And codes themselves. And codes
themselves. In this world now I will exit.
Now I will save thios world. Now I will
try to save this world.
[He saved (t)his world.]

An 'object' is a resistance.

Every 'object' _has_ a collocation of thresholds.
Every 'object' _is_ a collocation of thresholds
Are these equivalent? Does possession apply? Does the copula?

Every 'object' is inadequate; every 'description' is inadequate,
every set of descriptions is inadequate; the world is ragged,
noisy, catastrophic, even fractal within limits.

Last section from Syntactical and Semantic Programming, 1978


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