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thanks Alan

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> Omicron Observatory
> https://youtu.be/sK3GI7YywMc VIDEO
> http://www.alansondheim.org/Omiob.jpg
> constructed from all known information (virall)
> unintelligent life automates self-observation
> "From the foregoing we are able to conclude that there
> is no composition in God."
> "From the foregoing we are also able to prove that
> God is not a body."
> "From what has been laid down we are able to conclude
> that God is His own essence, quiddity, or nature."
> "From what has been said it is clear that the last end
> of all things is to become like God."
> "It is clear from the foregoing that things have a
> tendency to be like God also in the point of their
> being causes of others."
> "Accordingly having proved that there is a first being
> which we call God, it behooves us to inquire into His
> nature."
> (Quotes from Thomas Aquinas, Summa Contra Gentiles)
> "The damn thing won't sit still."
> "Vibration's got to be our own fault."
> "Is that a tree in there or a genome."
> "That probe seems to have a life of its own."
> "Where the hell are we? Is this the same planet?"
> "What's Mayday in RNA?"
> "Accordingly"
> +++
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