[NetBehaviour] Moire (a way of fighting off despair)

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Dec 8 15:30:11 UTC 2021

Moire (a way of fighting off despair)

https://youtu.be/E7C5TQawaNA video

Can the optical illusion generating by a moving moire pattern
travel faster than the speed of light? Nothing is actually
moving anywhere near that speed. I've been thinking of two
kilometer-long straight rods, separated by a micron, for
example - they're hinged at one end, theoretically rigid; the
other end snaps shut at some godforsaken speed so the closure
appears to travel much faster. Since there would be bending
moments etc. this could be done digitally and through moire,
two grids rotating in opposite direction at unbelievably high
speeds, 0s and 1s translated into fictitious motion. There's
really no point to any of this, but you can see the result of
something similar but humble in the video and still presented
here. Good luck with time reversal!

But wait, there's more; in this case could there be a bending
moment traveling that fast? I'd think not. So we're back to
optical illusions or my ignorance of physics. Suppose a rod
has timed solenoids along it that create pressure faster than
the speed of light moving along it. Yes, then what. I want to
know. Youth wants to know. How great is that. Or maybe, just

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