[NetBehaviour] Walking the Lots

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Dec 13 05:38:21 UTC 2021

Walking the Lots

https://youtu.be/RTJP-mQ4pIE video

A long (51 minute) tape, Azure and I taking our usual walk
through the lots downtown, with commentary. You will learn
about a city increasingly gentrified, and you will understand
the lots. Even the mullein's disappearing. Greenspace
everywhere, the result of the movement of I-195 which cut the
city in two, is being replaced by nondescript apartments and
offices. We walk the route somewhat to avoid people, somewhat
because it's everywhere. For me, the feeling is one of
enormous compression and anxiety; there's nothing but pavement
like clean rubble in a city erasing its past and denying its
multi-cultural present.

I don't expect anyone to watch this in full; you can skip
around or let it run in the background; you can pretend you're
there with us for an unknown purpose in an unknown city in an
all too familiar state of mind. Watch what you can if you can.

Thank you, and thanks to some British YouTube shows that have
inspired this.

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