[NetBehaviour] Blank Scroll w/ Commentary

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Dec 16 02:49:02 UTC 2021

Blank Scroll w/ Commentary

http://www.alansondheim.org/fbblank.mp4 The Scroll
http://www.alansondheim.org/fbblank.jpg The Blank Page

Increasingly scrolling Facebook produces blank images. Excuse
me, I mean Meta. What remains of course, in line with the new
variety, afterimages. Emptied space with commentary. As if God
themselves were silencing the Image in their Name. Think about
this. So I created the Scroll, with enormous labor, the Truth
of Prophecy, with Commentary. Think of Deuteronomy received
more Likes than Apocalypse, emoji for Armageddon?

The scroll -> Scroll -> scroll -> scrolling. Not to read, not
to study, absorb, the scroll, but to _scroll_ it. To scroll a
Scroll is to _motivate_ the scroll, operate the _mechanism_ of
the scroll. As if it were always the case.

To scroll the Scroll: to empty it. To parse the letters in the
process of leaving the page; falling off the page; raising
themselves on high; letters of Fire; Letters of Fire; Letters
of Spirit; letters of dissolution. Of a Mechanics, mechanical
mechanism. Of a Mechanism. Not to read but in the process of
winding, unwinding. To unscroll. To wind. To Wind Up. Again
and again, to scroll, unscroll, wind up, wind down. Ruach:
does the wind wind?

( Every name is holy. No name is holy. Every proper Name
tendrils. Are tendrils inert, obdurate, Rosset's "idiotic
real"? Does a question mark imply a slightly raised tone of
voice? Does the scroll imply such a reading? Does a Scroll
demand it? Command it? The question is based on _the erasure
of the name_: what occurs when Facebook goes blank, transforms
into empty space (complete with short description) or replete
with signifiers of exhaustion and misbehavior. Oh what do we
do, what do we do?

When do we leave? What our the signs of our leaving? Of our
final leaving? Of our absence? Of our final absence? )


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