[NetBehaviour] Beckoning

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Dec 17 02:05:27 UTC 2021


(why this? because a chromatic harmonica is both
difficult and amazingly supple)
(why this? because a vibrating reed has an amazing
harmonic structure)

(why these? because someone just gave me two old
chromatic harmonics - I haven't recorded with
either yet - one of them has a four octave range,
and all three sound  wonderful. this one, from
Lee Murray (a gift a couple of years ago) has ten
holes. all are Hohner.))

(why the music? because I'm trying to find other
scales reflecting some of the music I've heard,
on older recordings, anything non-"western" -
however defined - what I might do with breath and
untoward or problematic scales, fulfilling and
filling a range, vocal, at an emotional edge, a
form of disaster or exaltation, halls, palaces,

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