[NetBehaviour] Returning living life

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Dec 19 05:28:59 UTC 2021

Returning living life

https://youtu.be/MPPE0z9iVpU video

We were looking at the scrubland in Providence RI and we wanted
to return what we have found there . We had observed the animals
and protozoa and various other organisms of all sizes both in
the wild and with the microscope . We had gone out and came back
with wildness . We wanted to return wildness to wildness . We
didn't want to hold anything back . We didn't want to make
anything die. We began to notice a film on the surface of the
water. When we noticed that we thought it was time to return. We
thought it was the time of the return. Sometimes I thought this
would have been good if it had happened to everyone. We went out
and return the specimens, returned the dish of specimens back to
where they came from or nearby . So this is what the video is
about the return of the wild to the wild and walking away from
it. Walking away before more damage was done. We never wanted to
do any damage . People do damage when they least expect it. One
of my early music groups was called damaged life. Damaged life
it's from adorno. That is how it works in minimum moralia ,
adorno's book . There is a necessary adoration of life I think
we should hold dear to us . Things are changing rapidly and
scrublands are becoming deadlands . I think of this as a way to
dream back into a different moment of time however recent . I'm
stumbling over this because I have no choice and no chance to do
otherwise. Watch the video listen to the sound and perhaps
forgive me for a kind of nostalgia that seems to underline this
kind of wandering . Thank you for watching.

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