[NetBehaviour] 🐕Interspecies Meditation and Sharing Circle🌳

Max Herman maxnmherman at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 21 18:32:18 UTC 2021

Happy Solstice Ruth!

I greatly enjoyed this meditation and concept.

Would onlist feedback make sense?  I'm wondering if the circles are more intended for those doing the activity together.

All best to all,


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For Winter Solstice I'd like to share with you this Interspecies Meditation and Sharing Circle


This meditation can be practiced alone or with others to build empathy pathways to other life forms. We use our imaginations and a bonding ritual to enter the body and consciousness of a different species and to reflect on the nature of their existence. This ritual transports us to the interspecies multiverse where we sit for a guided meditation.

The perfect place to get set for festivities and merry-making

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