[NetBehaviour] News From Where We Are # 3 - The Radical Friendship series

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I've just been listening to this. What a great hotch-potch of stuff! I'm 
really glad you're doing podcasts again.

On 05/02/2021 10:21, marc garrett via NetBehaviour wrote:
> Hi all,
> I imagine some of you may be interested in Furtherfield's new podcast 
> series for 2021.
> News From Where We Are # 3 - The Radical Friendship series
> https://soundcloud.com/furtherfield/f-podcast-ep-3
> Welcome to Furtherfield's cultural podcast grounded in news from where 
> we are. We may be experiencing all kinds of restrictions on our lives 
> due to the pandemic, but we still have access to thriving networked 
> cultures from around the world.
> And this podcast is dedicated to the collaborative-imaginative 
> fieldwork of artists, techies, and activists informing how we 
> organise, imagine and build solidarity, good health and 
> post-capitalist realities. Working together and supporting others to 
> do the same.
> In 2021 we celebrate 25 years of radical friendship at Furtherfield. 
> We revisit and open up conversations with some of the fascinating and 
> radical people with whom we have worked and collaborated through the 
> years from the Internet to post-digital contexts. They are changing 
> culture, their lives, and the lives of their communities.
> We are interested in unearthing an ecological economy, relational 
> understanding, and lived lives, alongside survival strategies, 
> critical thinking and grassroots systems of peer and individual 
> engagement, as part of the art context. We are examining power and how 
> lives get lived, on whose terms.
> Featured on the podcast
> Filippo Florenzin is interviewing artist and independent, Mexican 
> Curator, Doreen Rios. Founder of [ANTI]MATERIA an online platform 
> dedicated to the research and exhibition of Latin-American Digital Art.
> Ruth Catlow reads to us her foreword for the DisCO manifesto by Stacco 
> Troncoso and Ann Marie Utratel.
> Marc Garrett interviews artist Kate Southworth about her work with 
> Art, Technology and Witchcraft, an Irish/British artist living in 
> Cornwall, UK.
> We have experimental, Avant-Folk by artists Alan Sondheim & Azure 
> Carter, from their latest, excellent album Plaguesong.
> We also have Stewart Home, the radically inauthentic communist sex 
> witch & fed-up author, reading snippets from his recent book edited by 
> Home - Denizen of the Dead published by Cripplegate Books. Denizen Of 
> The Dead: The Horrors Of Clarendon Court Published.
> And, we have other sound treats fluidly appearing in between the 
> guests’ contributions.
> Main image. Mapping Sol, 2019. Oil on Canvas, 100x100cm. Kate Southworth.
> News From Where We Are # 3 - The Radical Friendship series by 
> Furtherfield is licensed under a  Creative Commons License.
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