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Dear Net friends,

A new chapter from the life and times of Bron and Leo — the picture here… https://www.instagram.com/p/CLDPP19nZ_H/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

The story..

Hey Leon, remember that time we were stuck in that small coastal town?

It was Africa, you know, the big continent?

We’d gone there on a special mission, in that flyer - you know, the one made out of spider silk.

Red cords stretched on a frame of hickory and maple. Shards of crystal powered the engine

of grey folded termite dust, cavernous, the mouth of tinder. And we travelled alone. No other crew?

Ha yes, I do remember that.

Leon removed the short splinter of tooth pick from his lip, and adjusted the orange/brown 

 cardigan he wore, buttoning it up as far as his throat as a remedy against the draft he was

feeling. He threw another log on the fire.

Bron proceeded with her story —

Yes, well I recall we were stuck in that town, a street called Roi or Rue du Ziglibithy… it was

on the seashore, huts, stucco buildings, a couple of villas, palm fronds, big Atlantic combers,

nice white sand, golden glittering with coconuts and madafu. Drinks were ten a penny.

We had those hammocks, and I’d keep running along to the kiosk to ask the nice guy to play

this or that tune. He was always playing that one with the guitars and saxes, you know, what was

the name of the singer… Ern..  Ernesto Djedje! That was him! 

Leo scratched his nose —

Yeah we loved that one, there were many good songs I recall. Just as well we were stuck in a boss 

place. It took a few days, if not weeks to get the craft fixed up with enough termite mounds.

The spiders around those parts were rather big if I’m not mistaken. And quite deadly. But the 

silk was good and thin and strong. 

And just as well I had that cassette recorder/player, so I think… I think we may well still have

a tape of that song! Jeez, I got to hear that song again, and now if possible. 

Leo jumped up, pulling his great woollen shawl across his shoulders. He opened a cupboard, 

causing a mini avalanche. After rummaging and practically ransacking the capacious cupboard 

he finally unearthed a box, which to his delight held many tapes and even a few records.

Ten minutes later the sweetest music was reflecting and bouncing around the palatial but

shabby room. It was a fascinating sound to both their ears. Woven of several counter melodies and 

not a few cross rhythms with a bounding bass. Unctuous guitars sailed way up into the rafters

causing the feet to dance of their own accord.

Later on they opened some bottles of very dusty wine. Some friends had dropped around and 

the record player was turned up full. 

Among them a tiny princess and several of her friends, a couple of radical monks, a jester and a 

few guards from the Prince’s estate up the road.

Although they wondered at the sounds, the music, and the outlandish machinery, they 

knew how these parties at Leo’s went.  

The horses in the stable flicked their tails.  A donkey put his ears back, then forward, then one

forward and one back, then rolled his eyes and kicked at the stable door and made a great

braying racket which actually woke the cock who stated to crow, but saw quickly the dawn was far 

off and scratched a nice comfortable couch in his straw bed, and though he liked the music

far preferred to get back to his dreams of a sunlit meadow on a dusty plain by smoky hills with 

snowy tops and a giant golden wing drifting across the sky rippling a majestic salute to all 

creatures, big and small, the pink and coral cirrus clouds folding a gorgeous tapestry of scintillating

detail on the robin’s-egg blue of the sky at dawn, Pan’s hooves, the ears of faun …. ahem.



PS to hear the music referred to in the story go to Ernesto Djedje - Ziglibithiens. Its on you tub

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