[NetBehaviour] inert

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Feb 9 03:03:13 CET 2021


https://youtu.be/C9T4IrpnNYI video

what to do about the real. with the real. what we call the real.
(anti-)(a-) philosophy of the inert (-cancelled)

inert and there like the star is transformed - think of the inert
or lozenge defined by movement- "& soon those memories flooding,
equivalence ,just ,inert obdurate ,sound inert mimetic function
as inert (At the edge of the gamespace, the I define the REAL as
the inert which neither fissures nor inscribes, The phenomenology
of the physics, which is inert and possibly relates mobilized
body scans in inert environments: reading 2d -> 3d, nature of
crystal - the receptivity of inert materials, primordial radio
and But such a world would not necessarily remain inert - except
perhaps Death is always already the grand narrative, inert and
obdurate. Gristle is the _stuff_ of the Net, the assertion of the
inert vomiting It's also the relative absolute of puppetry, an
inert object that Matter is a pathway to emptiness, a momentary
inert or system of retorts: So that the fetish inhabits its own
inert world. But something that is inert that speaks What does it
mean to _scroll the real,_ turn towards the inert world, What is
the matter with matter - the non-practical-inert or effluvia -
You say, "& soon those memories flooding, that inert event, that
satin retorts: the inert debris of the real what


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