[NetBehaviour] ZADL

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Feb 11 05:36:39 CET 2021


Zajal is coming inside slidewell is coming zadel is coming sigell
is coming zazel's coming zygel is coming shuttle is coming coming
soon to you in a place near you zajdel is coming


So we're starting a zadel and zajel is going to be what we will
call ourselves because it's the second letter of the alphabet
when we're actually working with zadel and it'll be can be
spelled does he had to yell among other things and all those
different world ways a different ways that you can think of it in
terms of like maybe adre deloris adle horizontal or something
Dolores or horizontal or something like asadal has the says you
can and ask for Dell perhaps or and you could ask for anything
you want as long as it is otal and sarcelles concert music and I
will be doing concert music under sawtalo rababs outler withins
ottl somewhere that music will pee within sawtalo without sidell
um it's hard to know exactly where that music will be coming from
because it'll is a exactly what is the foundation of this music
in the sensa zadel is also a way of thinking of something in the
ground for example if urewera Barrow in the ground something like
that rambling and ambling tend to relate to each other did you
know that and they also seem to imply stumbling which also
relates to rambling and ambling all that bling sounded Ling sound
that you get to have indicates that you might be playing zilzal
that'll that'll music and that says the music they were playing
now was this autels ottl music or is that all music which is
actually the 4 of us because it takes 4 people to play zadel
music and that sub is otal because who we are and where we are
from and that sells the story of our band and um it's it's all
about this a little.

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