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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Feb 12 03:35:33 CET 2021


Yes, it's a very thin edge. You can't always do something new.

It gets thicker prior to the edge. It's fumbling.
There's no limit.

If you had to sound it, it would be a dull thud. No resonance.
None at all.

If you put clothes on in the morning make sure they muffle the
weather. No need to be overly hot or cold.

It's a very thin edge. No need to be anything. Always be ready
to give up.

Things are always at a distance. Things are always imminent.

Things are not always immanent. You have yet to clarify whether
immanence plays a role. Or what things are. Or what are things.

If you insist on theory you're trapped. There was no comma in
that sentence. Even when theory is spoken it's unspoken.

Because it can't or because it recedes. Or because there is no
it in the first place. There were no quotation marks in that

Because it's a very thin edge so thin as impresent. Meaning for
word (impresent) is not available. Know correct spelling of

It gets thicker at the edge.


It forgives origins. It forgets originality. It is not
available. To know the meaning of words is not to substitute
words for meanings.

Then what. It gets thicker at the edge.

Then it gets thicker at the edge.


(To sentence. To sentence someone. To sentence someone to




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