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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Feb 16 18:30:26 CET 2021



We're proud to take part in Improfest 2021! - some details:

Price: Free

We are in amazing company - Check out the entire series!

Our lineup:

Azure Carter, Voice, Songs
Rachel Rosenkrantz, Bass
Edward Schneider, Alto saxophone
Alan Sondheim, Various instruments including two sarangi (modern,
and +/-1910), violin, guitar, shakuhachi, pithkiavlin, Albert D
clarinet, oud, Chordomonica II harmonica, Myanmar (Burma) kyizi

Alan Sondheim made two albums for ESP-Disk in the 60s; he
returned to ESP in 2014, and Plaguesong is his third album since
then, the first on ESP to include longtime partner Azure Carter,
and his fifth overall on the label. Sondheim, who has
prolifically spread his recent musical evolution across a variety
of other labels, is an impulsive musical adventurer who uses his
dizzying array of instruments for what their sounds can
contribute to his musical style; he is not unaware of the
traditional performance techniques of his instruments, but he
never lets his musical expression be limited by or to those
techniques. His band Ritual All 70 was included on the notorious
Nurse with Wound list of outsider/avant-garde influences.

Azure Carter is a singer/songwriter living in Providence, RI.
She is a frequent collaborator on music, video, and performance
with her partner, Alan Sondheim. Before moving to Providence,
Carter lived in NYC and performed at numerous venues in the city
and elsewhere, including the 92nd Street Y, Dance New Amsterdam,
The Bowery Poetry Club, Eyebeam, Jack, and Highwire Gallery. She
has recorded six albums including her first album with ESP-Disk.

Edward Schneider is an improviser, composer, and educator living
in Minneapolis, MN. His involvement in experimental music began
at the University of Illinois, where he received a bachelors
degree in music composition. While living in Minnesota, Schneider
was an active member of the Minneapolis Free Music Society. He
received a grant from the Minnesota Composers Forum to produce an
album that documented his work with members of this ensemble. His
electronic composition, the tree that was a bird, was performed
in November as part of the Conny Purtill performance at the
Blinky Palermo puppet theater, part of Nouveau Festival at the
Pompidou in Paris. While living in Brooklyn, New York he curated
and performed as part of an improvisation series called 16
Beaver. Through this series, Schneider was introduced to Alan
Sondheim and was excited to perform on Sonheim's 2014 release for
ESP-Disk. As an improviser he is interested in stretching the
limits of the saxophone, through a variety of extended
techniques, hoping that he can overtake the timberal expectations
that listeners may have of his instrument.

Rachel Rosenkrantz is a French luthier based in Providence, Rhode
Island, w spent a number of years playing music and developing
architectural-design products, and started her own company in
2012. Born and raised in Montfermeil, France, Rachel studied
Design at lESAG, in Paris as well as at RISD in Providence, where
she was exposed to both fine arts and applied arts.

  Her understanding of construction through her industrial design
years as well as her knowledge of music are two strong assets
forming a stable backbone to her actual art-making of string

Some of her previous artwork was shown in the Socit des Artistes
Dcorateurs exhibits at Le Carrousel du Louvre and at the Hangaram
museum of modern art, Seoul Korea. Rachel is also an educator,
teaching Spatial Dynamics at RISD in the Experimental and
Foundation Studies Division, she gives lectures and workshops in
other Universities and museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of

Just like her music and her designs, Rachel works her luthiery by
exploring the combination of both traditional and new styles and
techniques and tries to bring a unique perspective to her work
with a strong focus on sustainability and innovation.

Rachel is locally involved with the Rhode Island music community
and is an active beekeeper.

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