[NetBehaviour] Narrowalk

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Feb 23 04:42:40 CET 2021


https://youtu.be/aQtFaAAR6f4 VIDEO

Azure and I take walks sometime around our place in downtown
Providence. In the evenings we often watch narrowboat shows
to relax. Narrowboats are British canal boats, with a maximum
width of something like seven feet, and a maximum length of
seventy-two. People live on them, Vlog on them; there's an
entire narrowboat culture with maybe 50-80 Vloggers. Today we
walked around with a video camera unfortunately without image
stabilization - we started videoing from our apartment, down
the elevator, through the parkinglots and around the office
buildings and construction, and back, finishing in our place.
The sound's not great, the image is hard to watch, and from
around 23'40" to 24'35" or so, I accidentally zoomed in; the
image is a mess. The landscape reminds me of Antonioni, empty
around 10 a.m., with masked and maskless (or masked pulled
down below the nose, a false marker of compliance) people,
almost always males. At this point the walks are triggers for
me; I become anxious, no matter what. But because I've talked
and talked about these walks, I thought, no matter how bad
the video, you might want to see what one of them is like.
You can pretend we're no a narrowboat, negotiating a canal
system at slow speed, always on guard so we don't crash into
the shoreline of retaining walls and brush. Again, the video
is choppy and unpleasant to watch, but I did want to create
a record of what our walks feel like, walks of exercise and
avoidance, taken a few times a week. Today was better without
sun - less people, although it was cold and somewhat windy.
Welcome to one of many futures.

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