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These onlines also develop a sense of community different from Zoom or
statics - always really glad to be part of them!
As far as simulations of gallery spaces, it's difficult to know how to
present, for example, a painting online in an odd situation, the absence of
real architecture in the presence of the materiality of painting. For me,
the materiality is critical as is the usually slow production of painting;
it can be an obdurate form that glides too quickly of course across screens
and clicks -

Best, Alan

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> I second all of that. I've been dipping into this, and really enjoying it.
> Edward
> On 23/02/2021 14:41, Garrett Lynch wrote:
> Many thanks to Bjørn/Noemata for putting on a very interesting series of
> thematic exhibitions and documenting it all very well through this
> catalogue. It's exciting to see curatorial projects like this that have a
> clear vision of what they are trying to achieve online but at the same time
> allow a latitude of exploration for artists, especially in current
> scenarios where we are seeing a mass of online exhibitions = boring
> existing thematics transposed to 3D simulations of gallery spaces.
> Well done and hopefully much more of this to come in the future!
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>> Hi,
>> "Undocumented events and object permanence" is an online exhibition
>> series thematizing documentation, conservation, (false) memory, (art)
>> object, phenomenology, and blockchain certification.
>> A book has now been made of all the works exhibited in the four
>> collections during the year 2019-2020, showing 270 works from more
>> than 167 artists.
>> You'll find more info at https://noemata.net/ueop/
>> and the book (epub, pdf, html) at https://noemata.net/ueop/book/
>> Thanks to everybody who participated! :::::
>> A. P. Vague, Acoustic Mirror, @henridegrasse, @loveletterexe, A. P.
>> Vague, Aad Bj?rkro, Aaliyah Marsh, Acoustic Mirror, Adrian Pickett,
>> Adrian Pickett w/ wiwowu, Alain Barth?l?my, Alan Sondheim, Alan
>> Sondheim and Sandy Baldwin, Ale D B, Alessa Brossmer, Alex Lagueux,
>> Alfred Marasigan, Alvar Danielsen, Amelia Marzec, Ana Buigues, Andrea
>> Roccioletti, andreasnagel, andrew topel, angel sesma, Angelika
>> Vardalou, Annabelle Mirams, anonymous waves, Anthony Stephenson, Arlen
>> Barrera Leyva, Ayshia Taskin, Ben Grosser, Benna Gaean Maris, Bj?rn
>> Magnhild?en, brad brace, Brenda Hutchinson, Brent Wiley, Bruce Barber,
>> Br?no Melo, Bya de Paula, Carin Jaeger, Carme Loupton, Cecil Minick,
>> Chris Byrne, Christian Tiedeman, Christoffer St?ylen, Clemente Waller,
>> Coppice, Cristiano Rabat, Cyborg Art Collective, dan arenzon, Daniel
>> Pinheiro, Daniel Temkin, Danielle Imara, David Quiles Guill?, Dennis
>> Vogler, desire_direct, Diana Galimzyanova, Diego Bernaschina, Domenico
>> Barra, d_d Games, Eduardo Dias Melo, Edward Picot, Elle Thorkveld,
>> Elmer Basso, Emile Schleich, Emilio Vavarella, eric van zuilen, Eskil
>> Borgen, Eylul Dogruel, Felix Maurer, Gabby Patterson, Garrett Lynch
>> IRL, Gilberto Morgan May, Harrison Burgess, Hassan Harvey, Herman
>> S?derstr?m, Hussel Zoo, H?kon M?gster, James A Hutchinson, James
>> Hutchinson, Jan Robert Leegte, Jeff Ostergren, Jeneen Naji, Jinu Hong,
>> Johannes Solberg, Jordan Topiel Paul, Jurgen Trautwein, Juri Wennekes,
>> J?rn Ebner, Karsten Nilsen, Katja Eriksson, Kayleigh Lees, Khalil
>> Charif, klaus pinter, Konstantina Mavridou, Konstantina Mavridou &
>> Silvia Gatti, Kristin Anderson, Larissa Monteiro, Lawrence Bird, Lilla
>> Magyari, Lucas Davey, Luuk Schr?der, marcela jardon, maria rosalem,
>> Marius M. Friis, Mark Cypher, Marko Gaertner, Matias E. Reyes, Max
>> "Cory" Poplar, Max Alyokhin, Max Herman, Max Herman & Michael
>> Szpakowski, Michael Ridge, Michael Szpakowski, Michelle Koenig, Mike
>> Metz, Milos Peskir, Mr. G, Natalia Matta-Landero, Natallia Sakalova,
>> Nathalie Mei, Nick Montfort, Nico Vassilakis, nikok, Nina Sobell,
>> Nivard Jorissen, Olga Kowalska, Oscar Ruiz Altamirano, Patricia
>> Tolbert, Paul Groch Frazier, Paul Wiegerinck, pitscher, poroku,
>> Qianxun Chen, Rafael Bresciani, Reynald Drouhin, Roland Wegerer,
>> Romero Chapa, ronnie s, sajjad dadpour, Schleim Beutel, Sherwin Rivera
>> Tibayan, Shivkumar K V, Siegmar Fricke / Pharmakustik, Simon
>> Perathoner, SLIDERS_lab [Fr?d?ric Curien, Jean-Marie Dallet], sohil
>> bhatia, stefan riebel, Stefanie Reling-Burns, Tatjana Macic, Telford
>> Valianatos, Tija Place, Timo Kahlen, Tiz Creel, tobias c. van Veen &
>> ZiggZagg?rZ, Tyler Calkin, Tyrone Kunkle, Vojtech Cermak, William
>> Wolfgang Wunderbar, Yejin Stephany Lee, Yiorgos Chouliaras, Zachary
>> Ryan, Zhongkai Li, zsolt, Zsolt Mesterhazy, and [anonymous++].
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