[NetBehaviour] Birthday and Theory

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Feb 25 05:19:24 CET 2021

Birthday and Theory


yes i know, how can one write philosophy dependent upon a
picture, a beautiful cake Azure made. we were alone of course,
just like that, and there were sparklers and ash, three of them
energizing the darkness. i thought of Robert Creeley. i thought
of some who came and some who left. i assume that covid operates
in darkness, is that not so? what illuminates the interior of
the cell. it's easy to imagine medical imagery clearly lit like
any other room. but the room of the cell, the cell's interior,
is dark. or since a matter of warmth generated by the body, may
it be an other wavelength and if near the surface of the skin,
some ordinary like trickling in. what we call ordinary light,
dependent on our sight, the spectrum of our illuminations and
desire to uncover everything. complexity leads to understanding.
on a birthday the cake sparkles. did you know a candle is only
used once. there are other uses. perhaps it burns for a time and
is then put aside to burn again at a later. but - and this is of
great import - it never returns. all writing is an existence and
an event. even AI is an event. it is evident an event is hidden.
what emerges is at best a carapace already on the way to
forgetfulness, dissolution. the structure of the world falls
apart in our disbelief. we neither sparkle nor are extinguished.
for we are on the day of our birth or any other day. and we are
not extinguished. (i think metaphorically, to celebrate every
day as the death of our death, if not now, when, if not here,
where, potential days of leaving, abandonment, not remembering
the last word we have spoken. so many days, so many
opportunities. remembering and unremembering are unravelings. we
are stream. we open our mouths. we are stream. we are streamed.
we are streaming.)


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