[NetBehaviour] Undocumented events and object permanence - book

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Really great to explore. Thanks Bjorn :)

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> These onlines also develop a sense of community different from Zoom or
> statics - always really glad to be part of them!
> As far as simulations of gallery spaces, it's difficult to know how to
> present, for example, a painting online in an odd situation, the absence of
> real architecture in the presence of the materiality of painting. For me,
> the materiality is critical as is the usually slow production of painting;
> it can be an obdurate form that glides too quickly of course across screens
> and clicks -
> Best, Alan
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>> I second all of that. I've been dipping into this, and really enjoying it.
>> Edward
>> On 23/02/2021 14:41, Garrett Lynch wrote:
>> Many thanks to Bjørn/Noemata for putting on a very interesting series of
>> thematic exhibitions and documenting it all very well through this
>> catalogue. It's exciting to see curatorial projects like this that have a
>> clear vision of what they are trying to achieve online but at the same time
>> allow a latitude of exploration for artists, especially in current
>> scenarios where we are seeing a mass of online exhibitions = boring
>> existing thematics transposed to 3D simulations of gallery spaces.
>> Well done and hopefully much more of this to come in the future!
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>>> Hi,
>>> "Undocumented events and object permanence" is an online exhibition
>>> series thematizing documentation, conservation, (false) memory, (art)
>>> object, phenomenology, and blockchain certification.
>>> A book has now been made of all the works exhibited in the four
>>> collections during the year 2019-2020, showing 270 works from more
>>> than 167 artists.
>>> You'll find more info at https://noemata.net/ueop/
>>> and the book (epub, pdf, html) at https://noemata.net/ueop/book/
>>> Thanks to everybody who participated! :::::
>>> A. P. Vague, Acoustic Mirror, @henridegrasse, @loveletterexe, A. P.
>>> Vague, Aad Bj?rkro, Aaliyah Marsh, Acoustic Mirror, Adrian Pickett,
>>> Adrian Pickett w/ wiwowu, Alain Barth?l?my, Alan Sondheim, Alan
>>> Sondheim and Sandy Baldwin, Ale D B, Alessa Brossmer, Alex Lagueux,
>>> Alfred Marasigan, Alvar Danielsen, Amelia Marzec, Ana Buigues, Andrea
>>> Roccioletti, andreasnagel, andrew topel, angel sesma, Angelika
>>> Vardalou, Annabelle Mirams, anonymous waves, Anthony Stephenson, Arlen
>>> Barrera Leyva, Ayshia Taskin, Ben Grosser, Benna Gaean Maris, Bj?rn
>>> Magnhild?en, brad brace, Brenda Hutchinson, Brent Wiley, Bruce Barber,
>>> Br?no Melo, Bya de Paula, Carin Jaeger, Carme Loupton, Cecil Minick,
>>> Chris Byrne, Christian Tiedeman, Christoffer St?ylen, Clemente Waller,
>>> Coppice, Cristiano Rabat, Cyborg Art Collective, dan arenzon, Daniel
>>> Pinheiro, Daniel Temkin, Danielle Imara, David Quiles Guill?, Dennis
>>> Vogler, desire_direct, Diana Galimzyanova, Diego Bernaschina, Domenico
>>> Barra, d_d Games, Eduardo Dias Melo, Edward Picot, Elle Thorkveld,
>>> Elmer Basso, Emile Schleich, Emilio Vavarella, eric van zuilen, Eskil
>>> Borgen, Eylul Dogruel, Felix Maurer, Gabby Patterson, Garrett Lynch
>>> IRL, Gilberto Morgan May, Harrison Burgess, Hassan Harvey, Herman
>>> S?derstr?m, Hussel Zoo, H?kon M?gster, James A Hutchinson, James
>>> Hutchinson, Jan Robert Leegte, Jeff Ostergren, Jeneen Naji, Jinu Hong,
>>> Johannes Solberg, Jordan Topiel Paul, Jurgen Trautwein, Juri Wennekes,
>>> J?rn Ebner, Karsten Nilsen, Katja Eriksson, Kayleigh Lees, Khalil
>>> Charif, klaus pinter, Konstantina Mavridou, Konstantina Mavridou &
>>> Silvia Gatti, Kristin Anderson, Larissa Monteiro, Lawrence Bird, Lilla
>>> Magyari, Lucas Davey, Luuk Schr?der, marcela jardon, maria rosalem,
>>> Marius M. Friis, Mark Cypher, Marko Gaertner, Matias E. Reyes, Max
>>> "Cory" Poplar, Max Alyokhin, Max Herman, Max Herman & Michael
>>> Szpakowski, Michael Ridge, Michael Szpakowski, Michelle Koenig, Mike
>>> Metz, Milos Peskir, Mr. G, Natalia Matta-Landero, Natallia Sakalova,
>>> Nathalie Mei, Nick Montfort, Nico Vassilakis, nikok, Nina Sobell,
>>> Nivard Jorissen, Olga Kowalska, Oscar Ruiz Altamirano, Patricia
>>> Tolbert, Paul Groch Frazier, Paul Wiegerinck, pitscher, poroku,
>>> Qianxun Chen, Rafael Bresciani, Reynald Drouhin, Roland Wegerer,
>>> Romero Chapa, ronnie s, sajjad dadpour, Schleim Beutel, Sherwin Rivera
>>> Tibayan, Shivkumar K V, Siegmar Fricke / Pharmakustik, Simon
>>> Perathoner, SLIDERS_lab [Fr?d?ric Curien, Jean-Marie Dallet], sohil
>>> bhatia, stefan riebel, Stefanie Reling-Burns, Tatjana Macic, Telford
>>> Valianatos, Tija Place, Timo Kahlen, Tiz Creel, tobias c. van Veen &
>>> ZiggZagg?rZ, Tyler Calkin, Tyrone Kunkle, Vojtech Cermak, William
>>> Wolfgang Wunderbar, Yejin Stephany Lee, Yiorgos Chouliaras, Zachary
>>> Ryan, Zhongkai Li, zsolt, Zsolt Mesterhazy, and [anonymous++].
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