[NetBehaviour] ZADL's First Throughput Music Soiree

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Feb 28 21:22:33 CET 2021

ZADL's First Throughput Music Soiree

aZure carter, voice, video, song
rAchel rosenkrantz, bass
eDward schneider, alto sax
aLan sondheim, viola braguesa, harmonica, clarinet, shakuhachi,
violin, madal, long neck saz, 1949 Romeo Di Giorgio guitar

https://youtu.be/DnRBh9HhHS4 VIDEO

At the same time that we were having the 2 show that we put up
last week we also we were beginning to record the first of a
group improvisation in which everything would occur without a
break. This was a great way to save time. So the 4 of us stalwart
explorers set out to play continuously for 40 minutes or so. I
think it was 44 minute . Well that came out fine and that is the
start of a different way to work that's faster and gives us a bit
more freedom . I think I hear mice in our place again. Something
was just tickking over there to the left . I don't know what it
was. In any case it sounded like it was from over there in the
corner Azure . so that is what is here . isn't it the first it's
the first attempt . It's the first attempt to bring everything
together. the editing because of problems took me a total of 8
hours. But I'm hoping that I can speed this up. Again I want to
reiterate that most of my work is not music but that music is a
way of staying sane and gives me the freedom to produce to
produce relatively rapidly and to then get on to the more
difficult work of writing I'm Siri. That's writing and theory. So
I am not Siri just in case you think I'm Siri no that is I am so
dear stop . But it's more than that . Music also gives me the
possibility of bringing the body into play in a very direct way
that involves tested knowledge and the intensity of dealing with
something that is not technological or electronic but that has a
history bake dewinter baked into it in relation to what and
string . And a string is any vibration. A string is anything that
moves along a string. This is the way that it works for me and
it's the way that it works in relationship to my muscle and
grissel . it's a way of activating the mind and keeping the mind
going at a faster rate than the mind goes. It's also way of doing
something that I can think of and say I can't believe I did that
period I can't believe I did that because other then playing
music I'm inordinately clumsy at everything I do that's physical.
I can't even play any sports or throw a ball properly or run
properly for when I have a guitar or other instrument at hand or
when I'm breathing into a clarinet orash akahachi I feel that
I've come home at last period . That chaku hutchy. Such akahachi.
That is xhaka hutchy. That is shokooh hatschi. That is s h a k u
a c h i . That is shaku hachi. Yes it is. So listen to this for
the new experiment it is. Thank you ..... hello .

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