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It is surely hard to keep up with everything, but I think this essay is
important, and reminds me so much of Annie Abrams and others work as well.
And we need to have these rituals for the common good; in my country, on an
unfortunately deep level, there is no longer any commonality, common good,
but there are true believers who would have no idea what silence or waiting
or wandering or wondering is about.
There is this: "Psychosomatically, quarantine begins to resemble a private
ritual. It also involves the repeated self-cleansings that are ordained
upon us, ordered as a new protocol of self-sanitation and
auto-participation in a (presumably) collective ritual cleansing and
self-protection. This ritual is politically sanctioned as the protection of
all others. That is the mask. Medical advice I receive tends to clarify
that the mask is less helpful to protect myself than it is helpful to
protect others" In other words, it's drama, theater,
*that keeps its audience alive. *
And that indeed is something to think about in these still-dark times.
Best, Alan

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> dear all:
> I may have mentioned it when I published the reference to my 'Gravel
> Maraboutage' film
> a while ago, but here is a second context for it, a short essay:
> as part of a discussion about whether there is theatre after the pandemic.
> http://www.critical-stages.org/22/electric-dance-or-how-to-talk-with-birds/
> best wsihes
> Johannes Birringer
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