[NetBehaviour] Who cares for the carers: Applications open for the 3rd Hologram Course!

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Tue Jan 5 11:25:00 CET 2021

Happy New Year everyone!

Here's a tonic for the current toxic flows...

The course might be of interest and I urge you to watch the recording of
the book launch with Eyebeam - gorgeous accessibility  aesthetics - a
veritable gesamtkunstwerk in zoom!



This course will help us answer the question “who cares for the caregivers?”
and will be aimed at - though not exclusively for - people who identify as
caregivers. We know from our first two courses that many people who provide
the most care find it difficult to organize care for themselves. We hope
that we can offer a space and time for people who do support work to
develop long term support systems for themselves and their pals for now and
into the future. If you know anyone who is offering emotional, mental,
medical, spiritual, or otherwise critical support to other people during or
beyond COVID, please ask them how they receive support. If you think they
would benefit from a practice space for strategically receiving care, send
this invitation their way!

The course will run online, on six consecutive Tuesdays; from February 2nd
to March 9th 2021, from 6-9pm GMT. We will practice and discuss the social
skills, values, and priorities that are central to the Hologram model. Each
person will leave the course empowered to assemble and participate in their
own Hologram, if they want to.


*If you would like to apply for the course, please click here for more
or go here to begin the application process

*[An apparently old etching hosts at its center a figure in head scarf and
robe holding a giant triangle that appears translucent and covers the face
and body of one of their companions whilst their other companion is seated
in long skirt and head wrap with a shield. The three are gathered under a
thatched form or tree with branches and leaves above in a canopy. In the
background are fields and shelter, some reeds and a rising or setting
luminary; in the foreground is a pond with two close swans whose necks
almost make the shape of a heart. In the corners of the image are four
small stamps that host an insect in a web, a winged insect on a branch, a
snake in grass, and a caterpillar on a leaf respectively. The vibe is very
“we have always had this. it was given us, by us, for us. we are each
other’s means without ends.” Image description by Tina Zavitzanos]*

As you consider whether you would like to apply, it may be helpful to know
that our fourth course will run in the mid/late Spring (dates TBC), and
this one will be aimed at - though not exclusively for - people who
identify as men. This is because we have identified that the world in which
we live presents particular challenges for people who are socialised as men
to access and provide emotional support. This course will be open for
people of all genders, though we prioritise places for people who identify
as men, and some of the course content will be focussed on using the
Hologram as a lens to examine masculinity.

It was the most fun we have ever had in a zoom.
Thanks to Constantina Zavitzanos, Ruth Catlow, EYEBEAM, Candance Davider
and Lisa Reynolds.
Prepare to go weak in the knees!
Here is the link! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzrvA5IDI_k&t=2412s
-The Hologram

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**sending thanks

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