[NetBehaviour] Rough Draft

{ brad brace } bbrace at eskimo.com
Tue Jan 5 22:16:14 CET 2021

 								"ROUGH DRAFT"  Probably a frequently used, 
full-circle generic Title, akin to the commom decoy-text used by commercial spammers (same family as Boilerplate, 
Lorem Ipsum, Metadata, Big Data Surveillance and received ideas), it offers disengagement and the premise for a 
large novel random Text that dissolves outwards revealing an almost molecular transit: new contours with 
sheltered/encoded detail. In other words an Incidental Biography of Dissolution; points lost;  trajectories 
retraced... something like that:  inside, outside, melding parameters, lost locations briefly reimagined: but it 
seems almost urgent to now recall the ongoing beyond beginning -- and so this humble epistled offering: [331pp 175mb 
$33] -- An Exfiltration of Remote Collisions... At any rate, the commercial-ubiquitous property shots were also used 
in my forrent-series of tall (life-sized)  narrow columns of justified 3-color text and neutralized blocked imagery. 
This ongoing collection of real estate pictures is becoming more wide-angled/panoramic lately, and this prompts 
another approach. Largely emptied of local light, the 3/4 tones provide structured relief as does the granular, 
stretched text. Maps are brittle. Another more extensive, ledgible, unillustrated novel (open source), thickly woven 
chronicle is promised by private remaindered request. Contact for pricing <bbraceATeskimoDOTcom>. It may be all 
that's left to follow: a very magnified detailed and extensive shred of collected compelling crucial textual 
tapestry...  [with much appreciated input from Etaoin Shrdlu] http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RNX4F3T 
http://bbrace.net/forrent.html http://bradbrace.net/forrent.html http://bbrace.net/roughdraft.html 
http://bradbrace.net/roughdraft.html http://bradbracebook.store/000pdfs/roughdraft3.pdf

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