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Expulsion, Refuge, Wittgenstein, Pirke Avot


Wittgenstein, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
Expulsion as the foundation of organization.

Neither this nor that:::
Not both this and that:::

The rest of the structure of propositional logic follows suit.

"Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darueber muss man schweigen."
- What we cannot speak about, we must pass over in silence.
(trans. Pears and McGuinness)
- Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.
(trans. Ogden)

How does this tally with refugee status? For if we do not speak
up, then we are complicit. I think of TLP in relation at this
point in time to the necessity of speech. What about W's
sexuality, his Judaism? His Catholicism?

"The family appeared to have a strong streak of depression
running through it." (Wikipedia)

The clarity of the work, clean and proper body, architecture -
"Music came to a full stop with Brahms; and even in Brahms I can
begin to hear the noise of machinery." ibid. But this is not
Kristeva's body (Powers of Horror); it's something else. The
clarity sought disappears in the later work, color for example,
on mathematics, all indeterminate, create a great deal of noise.

So a deliberate misreading of W. for which I ask forgiveness;
it is worth it, is it, to consider as well the tawdry, sleazy,
abject, decrepit, miasmatic, leakage of the chora? For even in
considerations of color (or colour, and what might that add or
detract?), one might imagine a clean room, not for example a
football pitch.

Once you have A, B - distinction, then expulsion. Or just A for
example, Not both A & A and therefore everything else; Neither A
nor A, neti neti ghost both, therefore everything else. Or at
least within the aegis of the operation, the potential of
everything else: who knows?

[The _humanization_ of propositional logic, here a deliberate
misreading. And do not forget the TLP in its entirety; too often
there are 'breezy' misreadings jumping to the last sections, as
if the rest is irrelevant; it isn't; it's the describable world.]

What is expelled, what is annihilated, what is discarded, what is
deprecated, what is forgotten, what is lost ::
Who is expelled, who are annihilated, who are discarded, who are
deprecated, who are forgotten, who are lost ::

Here in Central Falls there an ICE detention center: "More than
60 ICE detainees on 'hunger strike' call for release" ...

Shortly before the silence:
"6.52 We feel that even when all _possible_ scientific questions
have been answered, the problems of life remain completely
untouched. Of course there are then no questions left, and this
itself in the answer."
"6.521 The solution of the problem of life is seen in the
vanishing of the problem." [...]

This silence, also, in
"6.522 There are, indeed, things that cannot be put into words.
They _make themselves manifest._ They are what is mystical."

The scaffolding of expulsion disappears, everything empties out.
I think of Amery, however, so many others, the lost, the
disappeared around the world, the annihilated, those whose
history is absolutely destroyed. They mystical relates to the
numinous, the sublime, what of the inconceivable depths of
genocide? What of that?

"Put a fence around the Torah." "The quote you are looking for
is to be found in the Mishnah, at the opening of the Tractate
'Aboth.'" Do we seep beneath the bridge, and who are we who even
now, all of us, are in danger of disappearing?

Do we seep, do we sweep?

17. Having wandered for alms, leaning on a stick, weak, with
trembling limbs I fell to the ground in that very spot, having
seen peril in the body. Then my mind was completely released."
Elders' Verses, Therigatha, trans. Norman


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